Cake-Bakin’ Girl

Rene makes Super Bowl cakes  …


New Year’s cakes …


Superbowl cupcakes (2009) ….

Pudding and brownies (circa 2006) (sorry about my messy kitchen, there! sheesh)…

Valentine cookies (circa 2005) …

And other decorative cakes (circa 2004). …

And these are only the ones I took pictures of! (There are many, many more.)

I think I can safely call her my cake-bakin’ girl!

(And holy cow, now I really want some cake. …)

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4 thoughts on “Cake-Bakin’ Girl

  1. Laurie, YOU KNOW I CANNOT SEE THESE WHEN I HAVE TO WORK! Pictures and/or stories of our children render me completely useless for hours!!!!
    Now you put up pictures of our sweet and precious Angel! I’d drive home now, and call it a day, but for the tears in my eyes!
    Oh and I will be stopping by the store to pick up our cake baking supplies for this weekend!

    Wow, I use exclamation points like they are going out of style!!!!!

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