12 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 All-Time Favorite Desserts

  1. Oh my gosh – I LOVE SWEETS!
    1. Cheesecake
    2. Any kind of pie!
    3. Donuts – I always say I’ll know when I meet the man for me because he will send a pink box with a dozen donuts rather than a dozen roses – hehe…

  2. Oh boy! Cakes yesterday and desserts today?!?!? What are you trying to do to me???

    1-Lemon cake

    2-Chocolate cream pie

    2-Chocolate cake

    *Honorable mention goes to the classic Hot Fudge Sundae!!!

  3. Ok… I need more than three now! “Vitamin C” got me thinking of more:
    Lemon cake or cupcakes (love anything lemon!)
    Pineapple Upside Down Cake
    Banana Split
    Root Beer Float
    Pan Dulce – Yes, I’m Mexican 🙂
    Flan – I’m still Mexican 🙂

  4. You guys are making me hungry!

    For me, the can’t-resist spots go to:

    – Apple pie. Bonus if it’s a la mode.
    – Cookies of any kind. Can’t resist ’em.
    – My mom’s lemon-jello cake. It’s a ’70s recipe that never lost its allure for me.

  5. M. — Root beer float is a good one! Haven’t had one of those in ages, but they were yummy. My son orders those every now and then. Do you make pan dulce or flan? I don’t think I’ve ever had pineapple upside down cake!!!

  6. You’ve never had pineapple upsaide down cake? It’s delicious! I won one at a cake walk at church last year and I ate the entire cake in two days – then went on a sugar fast for a month – haha! Ash grossed out that I was eating that cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh well, you only live once! Maybe your Cake-Bakin’ Girl could try making it for you, Vitamin C and the boys 🙂
    No, I’ve never made flan or pan dulce … I think I might look up a flan recipe now.
    And, I will take a look at your book recommendation 🙂
    Great 3 for Thursday topic – Thanks, MizWrite! Sweets are my specialty – eating them anyway.
    Oh no, now I’m craving snickerdoodles! Looks like this is going to be a long day…

  7. I can not pick just three.
    So here goes,
    Lemon Meringue pie, coconut cream pie, banana cream pie.
    Pineapple upside down cake
    Lemon cake,
    Cherry pie
    Chocolate Mousse
    Almost anything with vanilla or lemon in it.

  8. Oh as everyone can see my tastes are as vast as a bathroom sink.
    Laurie and the kids STILL make fun of me because I once said that I thought vanilla ice cream was an exciting treat.

  9. Easy peasy. Here we go:

    1) Iced lavender lemon pound cake
    2) Blue Bell ice cream with bunuelos
    3) Skillet brownie with Blue Bell ice cream

  10. This is an easy one for me as well –
    1 – coconut cream pie
    2 – chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
    3 – cheesecake – just about any kind!!
    Now maybe I will go have dessert for dinner =)

  11. Fun that you’ve got a baker in the family. I love cakes!

    I’ve heard stories of my grandmother making that in a cast-ir on pan. Never tasted it, but has always sounded amazing. I should find a recipe.

    OK, my fave desserts:
    1) Homemade baklava
    2) Homemade chocolate malts (w/lots of malt powder, not too chocolately, made with vanilla ice cream, not chocolate ice cream)
    3) Homemade gingersnaps cookies (crispy and chewy at the same time)
    4) Baskin Robbins Lemon Custard ice-cream (they have it for what seems like a 5-minute window in May and then–POOF!— it’s gone. Hard to catch!). Ice creams made with real custard are on a whole different plane.
    5) Coconut cake
    6) Tres Leches cake
    7) Sherry Christmas Cake with whipped white frosting

    I’m with you, M! Donuts are fantastic. I’m not even sure they count as dessert. They may be i, another category altogether.

    Fresh Chocolate Devils’ Food Donuts, Maple Cake donuts, crumb donuts, Old Fashioned Glazed. (As a kid I used to love the jelly donuts–with that zingy raspberry jelly inside.) Even those Dolly Madison 5-pak powedered sugar ones that always taste so cool and fresh and satisfyingly squishy. Know what I mean? Wow.

    For the 5 years I lived in Newport Beach, I never stopped to discover the little drive-thru donut place just before getting on the freeway until AFTER I moved (thank goodness). Now, when I’m in the area, I swing by and see if they have any choc devil’s food left. They rarely do because people snatch them up. These are otherworldly. Something in the frosting almost has a fruity, violet quality about it. I literally inhale when I get one, it smells so good. Always get a carton of cold milk to go with. There’s no way I can wait until I get home, so I pull around the corner, get situated with couple of napkins on my lap. Straw in my milk. And by the time I’ve been on the freeway for half a minute, I’m done. One of life’s simple pleasures.

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