Happy February!

We’re on Camellia Watch again!

Here’s how the first buds looked one early morning outside my window:

Another view:

They’re so pink and full and feminine and just right for Valentine’s Day and February.

And they bloom so fast. In fact, I’ll probably have a whole bouquet by the time you finish reading this. …

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3 thoughts on “Happy February!

  1. What????
    What are you all doing with blooming flowers? Don’t you know its winter?
    The rest of the country including us are in the middle of snow/ice/sleet storms, with warnings and watches all over the place. You all need to get with the program….. Repeat after me…..Brrrrr!, Brrrr!, Brrrr!….;>)

  2. Johnny (Dad) — Oh, I know. I was almost afraid to post this because some of the people I know read it are buried in snow! (And really, if you guys knew how beautiful it was here right now, you’d want to cry into your mittens. …)

    But camellias are truly a winter-blooming flower everywhere, and they’re one of the few annuals I know of that bloom in January. (I think they’re everyone’s “first blooms.”) It always takes me by surprise (even in sunny So Cal) when I see the buds outside my kitchen window in January!

    There are red varieties, and pink, and lots of shades in between — so pretty.

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