Road Trip! Day One

We headed up to Manhattan Beach and saw this:

Which led to some heartfelt vows, and then this:

I love sheer joy at a wedding! Aren’t they cute?

Then we went to the reception and Nathan ended up being our table representative for everything. This kid knows how to party:

(He has ice in his teeth here and is showing the D.J. to win his spot in a musical chairs game.) (As another aside, he totally danced with that woman to his right.) He was hilarious.

Anyway, we crashed that night at the hotel, had a great breakfast with the wedding folks, then hit the road again. … No time to dilly-dally. We’re heading out for Day Two. …

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7 thoughts on “Road Trip! Day One

  1. Those are beautiful pictures…is this family? It looks like a fun time – drive safe!

  2. No, Debi, we just crashed this wedding. … 🙂

    Actually, yes, it was family, distantly. It was our sis-in-law’s family (her nephew getting married). He’s a boy who we watched grow up, though — we went to many a Chuck-E-Cheese excursion with him before we had kids of our own. He also cut quite a rug at OUR wedding (he was 4!). So cute. We also went on a couple of vacations all together with him and my sis-in-law and fam: once to Tahoe when he was about 14, and more recently to AZ to Angels Spring Training when he brought his bride-to-be, so that’s when we met her. They’re an adorable couple. I really enjoyed this wedding!!!

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