End of Trip!

So our road trip is over! It was so fun.

Traveling with the kids has changed a lot over the years, and now that they’re teenagers they get bored a lot faster, so I worried about this trip. But I think the road trip concept worked really well for them.

Chris and I could have easily stayed the whole seven days in Tahoe — just going to the different beaches and enjoying different hikes like this (Sand Harbor, Nevada):

In fact, Chris tried to smuggle an aspen branch home, because we never see aspen trees, and we thought they were just beautiful. The kids called the branch “Aspy.” We only got a few funny looks from info-booth workers and passers-by:

Anyway, although Chris and I could have easily stayed in Tahoe the whole time, the kids really liked the ever-changing atmosphere of a road trip, and loved switching hotels along the way and musing about the fact they’d just been in such-and-such town last night — Manhattan Beach, Mammoth, Bodie, Tahoe, Virginia City, Davis, etc. We stayed longest in Tahoe, but they liked the rotation of the rest of the trip a lot. And every time we got in the car, they were fine. They listened to their iPods and watched the constantly evolving California scenery roll by:

It was a great trip. Definitely a memory-maker:

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3 thoughts on “End of Trip!

  1. You have such a good looking family! It sounds like you had a really wonderful trip. Road trips are the best!

  2. Thank you, Carrie!!!

    Yes, road trips have their own sort of magic, don’t they? I’ve never been on one that I haven’t loved.

  3. That sounds like it was a wonderful time spent with the whole family! The kids are beautiful, I can’t get over how much Rene reminds me of you!

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