Road Trip! Day Three

Wanted to check out this place:

After a precarious trip down a bumpy, winding dirt road for 10 miles, we found this:

Incredible. It’s an entire town — originally built up in the 1870s — that has been simply left as-is, as if everyone just walked out one day. You can still see the furniture in some of the homes, cribs, chairs, etc.

Anyway, that was quite an adventure.

Then we continued on the road. …

We stopped in some streams:

And took lots of pictures:

I’m always struck by how much gorgeous, open land is in California. Living in such a populated part of it, I always forget. …

Anyway, we made it to our final destination. You guys know where this is, right?:

Then it’s finding my parents, having dinner, a little Jacuzzi-ing, and resting up for Day Four!

If you missed any of the previous road trip posts and places, they’re here:

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5 thoughts on “Road Trip! Day Three

  1. It was great seeing you all this past weekend! I love you all!

    Nice update on the trip. Always great photo’s!


  2. I hadn’t heard from you in awhile…found you on Facebook. And you found Bodie…I am excited for you…you took tons of notes, right? BTW, the scenery is fantastic….have fun…Miss you.

  3. Love the pics! I want to go to Bodie – I’ve never been there… can you adopt me, please? Hehe…

  4. Hi, Geraldine! We had fun at the wedding, too, and it was great seeing you!! (Did you marry the young man yet who proposed to you at the reception?) 🙂 We went from dress-up wedding attire to hiking shorts pretty quickly! The wedding clothes are in a heap in the back of the car as I write this. …

    Patti — Yes! I took some research notes and bought a book and also talked with the state ranger about how people arrived. That was the part I couldn’t comprehend — it’s sooooooooo remote. He said many people came by stage, mostly from San Francisco, then by way of Sacramento and Carson City. It was neat to talk with the ranger and realize I had a resource for any questions in the future if I want to write about this place. I should have asked you how you do your research — could have used some tips. I was a little overwhelmed with how big it was!

    M — Thanks! We’ll bring you along next time! 🙂

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