Road Trip! Day Five

Today, we went on a hike at Eagle Falls in South Lake Tahoe. We crossed this bridge:

And kept hiking and hiking, upwards, about 1.5 miles. From the higher elevations, you could look backward and see this:

But we kept forging forward to the sound of a stream and eventually came upon this:

It’s Eagle Lake — very beautiful, very peaceful. And well worth the hike.

There were a lot of people there this time. We’ve done this hike before, in the fall, and it’s not as crowded then, but on this summer day, there were a lot of people at the lake, swimming or picnicking or letting their dogs swim.

So pretty:

Then we hiked back and had a picnic lunch. Ham sandwiches never tasted so good. 🙂

I have so many pretty pictures of this hike — I’ll try to post more later. Until then, gotta go start packing. It’s onward to Day Six. …

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