Ten Good Reasons to Read TEN GOOD REASONS — Nos. 5, 4, 3

We’re in the middle of our countdown to launch TEN GOOD REASONS in just a few days. Here are reasons 5, 4, and 3:

Reason 5 – The Bar Scene

There’s a whole bar scene in the middle of the book that I really liked. It wasn’t based on a single bar in Orange County, but kind of a composite of a few places. I meant for it to be a sort of “underworld” that Lia and Evan end up in, and I hope I pulled it off.

Reason 4 – The Disentanglement Scene

I can’t say too much about this one without major spoilers, but this is one of my favorite scenes of the book. After you read it, check out the Ten Good Reasons book page on my website for the video that inspired this scene.

Reason 3 – The First Kiss Scene

I love the “first kiss” scene in almost every romance novel – including my own! The first kiss is usually such a game-changer in the story because it’s when both characters realize something huge is changing between them — when they usually don’t want it to. Lia and Evan didn’t disappoint – their first kiss might be one of my favorites yet! 

So preorder now, and see if you love these three scenes as much as I do!


Available for preorder at:

Barnes and Noble (Nook or paperback)
Amazon (Kindle or paperback)
iBooks/ iTunes
Powells Books
Book Depository (free shipping outside the U.S.)

Want to read the first chapter, see some fun facts, and watch videos about this book? Check out the Ten Good Reasons book page on my website!


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