10 Good Reasons to Read ‘TEN GOOD REASONS’: Reason 6 — Reviewers Are Giving it the Thumbs Up!

We’re in the middle of our countdown to launch TEN GOOD REASONS in just a few days. Here’s Reason 6 – Reviewers are giving it the thumbs up!

Reviews have been trickling in, and they’re good so far:

“Christopher’s second novel is a polished and accomplished success with a terrific mix of romantic chemistry, sexual tension and a touching emotional journey. … A smart, poignant contemporary romance from an author to watch.” – Kirkus Reviews


“Christopher has done it again. This is a classy, straight-up romance with a good plot, believable characters and great pacing…” – RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars


“… sexy and smart…” – Kirkus Magazine


And here’s a fun one from the Fresh Fiction blog:

“Lauren Christopher, a fresh new voice, writes with a warm, charming manner. Her plots bubble with high emotion and lots of humor. Here are my ten good reasons you will love this book: 1. Evan is smoking hot. 2. He has soulful eyes. 3. Trim waist and muscled back. 4. Perfect overall tan. 5. Dimples. 6. Full velvety lips. 7. He loves animals. 8. A perfect gentleman. 9. Chiseled cheeks and lush, full eyelashes. 10. Sexy, with all the right equipment. … Did I mention smoking hot?”


So preorder now, and see if you agree. I hope you all love this story as much as I do!


Available for preorder at:

Barnes and Noble (Nook or paperback)
Amazon (Kindle or paperback)
iBooks/ iTunes
Powells Books
Book Depository (free shipping outside the U.S.)

Want to read the first chapter, see some fun facts, and watch videos about this book? Check out the Ten Good Reasons book page on my website!

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One thought on “10 Good Reasons to Read ‘TEN GOOD REASONS’: Reason 6 — Reviewers Are Giving it the Thumbs Up!

  1. It is getting time to write a review. It will be easy because I LOVED Ten Good Reasons!!! However I do not know how to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Any suggestions on where I can find that out? I have put some of the post cards you sent me in my lobby. However I am waiting for the release to put some at the library. We have a 1 book store in town. I plan on talking with them after the release to put cards there.
    Lauren you are an excellent writer!! You remind me of a young Nora Roberts! I look forward to many more stories from you.

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