You Know It’s Summer When …


1. Your kids and their friends are making s’mores in your backyard (with real wire hangers, of course — old school).

2. You come downstairs to random children “sleeping over” on your family room floor.

3. Clutter starts to consist of towels, flip-flops, and tubes of sunscreen.

4. There is sand underneath your desk-chair wheels.

5. Your fridge is filled with watermelon, frozen grapes, and cherries.

6. You hardly ever have to wash socks.

7. You don’t think to eat dinner until 8 p.m., when it finally gets dark.

8. The sound of baseball is drifts through the house from the TV all weekend.

9. Even though you still have to go to work, mornings are relaxed and peaceful as you tip-toe past sleeping teenagers.

10. Sunday morning breakfasts include sausage outside on the grill.

What are your favorite signs of summer?


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3 thoughts on “You Know It’s Summer When …

  1. Well, all those sound good….unfortunately, we haven’t had any summer yet – I will watch for the signs!

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