I Love Thanksgiving Week So Much That …


Is it Thanksgiving week already? Yay! My favorite time of year.

I love Thanksgiving time so much that:

  1. My house is basically decorated in all Thanksgiving colors (I can change things up slightly, but overall, the “fall look” remains!).
  2. I chose Thanksgiving week as the week to get married, and now we get to spend the beautiful week of Nov. 25 every year as our anniversary.
  3. I have special “November music.”
  4. I desperately wanted Nathan to be born in November — his due date was Nov. 4 — but, alas, he became a Halloween-time baby! 🙂
  5. I always choose the November birthstone as my favorite gem in jewelry — love that citrine color in gemstones.
  6. My favorite sandwich of all time is turkey and cranberry — I order it at any place that offers that combo, any time of year.
  7. Going  Boston Market is like a big deal for me because of all the fall food. That sweet potato dish they have is to die for. (Although it’s something like 600 calories, so I rarely order it!)
  8. I look forward to pumpkin frozen yogurt all year.
  9. I get giddy over pumpkin-flavored waffles (have you seen those this year?), pancakes, lattes, or basically pumpkin-flavored anything. Best. Time. Ever.

What about you? What’s on your agenda this week? I want to hear everyone’s plans!

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