‘It’s a MAJOR Award!’

(Applause and pixie dust if you can guess that movie quote…)

I swung by the elementary school on my way to work this morning (along with Superman) to see our boy get a schoolwide award for Best Sportsmanship. (Go Nate!)

Each month, the local Walgreens sponsors the award and gives one winning child from the whole school a goodie bag. They then put the child’s photo up on the wall of the local Walgreens store. So if you’re in my neighborhood in the near future, swing by Walgreens and see Mr. June – Sportsmanship!

Nathan’s so cool. And I love when my kids win awards for being good and kind to others, and becoming more beautiful in the heart. …

Go Nate! You always make us proud, kid. …

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6 thoughts on “‘It’s a MAJOR Award!’

  1. Yes it was awesome!
    He was genuinely shocked to be recognized like this and he didn’t appear to know how to react–very nervous up there…
    He is such a great kid, and Laurie and I are truly blessed!

  2. Thanks, guys!

    By the way, I finally found out what was in the green bag from Walgreens — it was a glow-in-the-dark basketball (v. cool!), a pair of swimming goggles, a $10 Walgreens card, and a few boxes of candy. Nice! That’s terrific of Walgreens to give them such perfect kid goodies! Nathan was so excited.

  3. That is really exciting! Again, it amazes me that your community has all those small hometown values – what a great day for Nate (and the proud parents)!

  4. That’s awesome! Congratulations to Nate! And to you and Superman – you both must be very proud 🙂

  5. Congratulations to Nate from a proud Grandpa. He is so cool. Really love that guy.

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