Wow — Jasmine in Bloom!

As much as I look forward to my camellias blooming in February for their pink beauty in winter, I look forward to my jasmine blooming in March for its amazingly fragrant scent!

I wish your computer had a scratch-and-sniff that I could send you this fragrance. It’s so strong you can smell it all the way down our street.

We first planted this jasmine (it’s right off our back patio) almost immediately after we moved in. I’d always wanted my own jasmine plant. Mostly because we rented a condo (when we were young marrieds) where the owner had planted jasmine that wrapped itself up an orange tree, and the combo of that fragrance always stayed with me. I vowed that as soon as we had our own place, I would plant jasmine myself. I started out with a little 5-gallon plant, and — in no time — the little thing spread all along our fence.  It blooms in late February and early March, starting out as a narrow bright-pink bloom, then bursting into a tiny white flower and sending out that glorious scent. As you can see from the photo, we’re only about halfway through the blooming season, so I get to enjoy that fragrance for quite some time.

The scent of jasmine will always remind me of the beginning of spring. …

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3 thoughts on “Wow — Jasmine in Bloom!

  1. It looks like it requires full sun? I need something for the area off my dining room……and I love scented flowers too.

  2. Hi, Lauran! This site: says full sun to partial shade and a warm site. Mine now is in full sun and growing like crazy. But I know the one in that condo we rented was in partial shade, because it was on a very small condo patio, with a balcony above it that cast a lot of shade most of the day. And it did quite well!

    Does your area off your dining room get lots of shade?

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