What Did You Like Most (or Least) About Oscars 2010?

Well, the night was … not very surprising, right?

What did you like most or least about last night’s show?

(I was reading our analysis last year, which was pretty entertaining — especially our commentary about Hugh Jackman!)

But this year … hmmm.

Did you like the hosts? Did you like any of the presenters specifically? Did any of the fashion choices stand out?

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5 thoughts on “What Did You Like Most (or Least) About Oscars 2010?

  1. I like when the winners ignore the “time to go” music and I hate it when they try to force the hosts to be funny or to sing and dance. If people want singing and dancing then bring in pros. Let the host just say some funny quips and leave more time for other stuff.
    That’s my 5 cents.

  2. I liked Kirk Douglas and Melissa Leo. And for Colin Firth finally being recognized (and his acceptance speech). I wasn’t so wild about the fashion this year – the pulled back hair look just isn’t my cup of tea. Though I did love all th gowns that Anne Hathaway wore – she looked gorgeous!

  3. I also think it is funny when the people ignore the music to get off the stage! They just act like surely that applies to everyone but them! I liked Anne Hathaway, she was full of energy and really confident, which surprised me. I don’t know what I expected, because I like her movies – she just seemed very comfortable up there! I think it is funny that in all 83 years Melissa Leo is the first one to drop the “F Bomb” – totally a slip, and now one of the most mentioned events of the night! The gowns were just okay for me – Annes were beautiful! I think the place to be would have been the after parties!!

  4. I thought hosts Franco and Hathaway were fine but lackluster. Anne came off a bit high-schoolish and over-bubbly, bless her heart. Franco looked a bit uncomfortable playing the straight an, or maybe he just didn’t want to be up there after all. But he usually sparkles when hereally smiles, and I didn’t see that once that night. (But I can imagine he must have been preoccupied knowing that he was up for Best Actor!)

    I vote for Billy Crystal (every time would be fine by me). Or Jaime Foxx would be an outstanding choice. Great scripted, great impromptu, as needed. And truly funny.

    There were some beautiful dresses on Oscar night, but think the light champagne- and gray-colored gowns do not look as good on TV as they apparently must live and in person. Unless you have olive skin, most women looked too washed out in those shades. My favorite dress was worn by the Danish woman who won an Oscar in a foreign film category. She had dark brown hair and wore a gorgeous satiny green dress.

    I liked the way Sandra (beautiful red dress but hair a tad severe) and Jeff Bridges (gorgeous, as always, but please lose the mangy beard already!) each addressed various nominees. A fun, respectful, warm insider’s nod to all of the actors they acknowledged.

    Melissa Leo, Christian Bale and Colin Firth were my choices, so I was really happy that they won.

    I don’t think the F-bomb was a slip, though. People are well-aware that they are on camera. It is not necessary, it cheapens the event, and however unintentional it is a lack of respect for a large range of the viewing audience, from older viewers to young people watching during prime time. Not to mention the editors who have to be at the ready. Grow up, already. (And, hey—newsflash: there’s absolutely NOTHING original about dropping the F-Bomb. Done to death. Passe. Let’s move on, shall we?)

    OK, I have as much respect for Kirk Douglass as the next person. But vital and spirited and as experienced as he is, having him get up on stage is a lot to ask. He should be an honored guest. Let’s have the grace to let him retire from being in front of the camera. (I saw Jack LaLane on an infomercial way into his nineties, and it was pitiful. Someone should have had the good sense and enough respect for him to let someone else step up in front of the camera.) And honestly, looking at all the plastic surgery he has had done was shocking. He and Mickey Rourke look related, not like themselves anymore. Why on earth at that age would anyone have work done? I don’t get it.

    Best Original Song – I thought Randy Newman’s song was OK (he’s written/performed other more interesting songs, though, so this is not his standout work), but the one for 127 hours would have been my choice.

  5. Loved all these responses! (Barbara, I loved how you said Anne came off “over-bubbly, bless her heart” — perfectly put!)

    I meant to say, one of the highlights of the night for me was following the Oscars on Twitter! It was one laugh after the other — people are pretty funny and witty and when commenting live on the show. It was like watching the show in a room with all your snarkiest friends. I think the Twitter stream was funnier than the actual broadcast, actually.

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