Your Thoughts on the Oscars 2009 …

I thought I’d open this post up to you: What did you enjoy about the Oscars last night? What surprised you?

  • My list of surprises would have to start out with the fact that Hugh Jackman could sing!
  • I also enjoyed the dresses: everyone looked beautiful.
  • I was happy that Heath Ledger won.
  • I was excited about Slumdog Millionaire winning, but I haven’t seen it (so now I’ll have to do so!).
  • Lastly, I really liked that they had the previous winners come and “present” the new winners one by one — nice touch.

What about you?

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0 thoughts on “Your Thoughts on the Oscars 2009 …

  1. Ok, I don’t think that Hugh Jackman can sing (although my wife seems to think he can, hmm…I guess that would be like me saying that the Victoria Secret Lingere game is really riveting and an important sports moment; which it is!). Funny all the women here at work are raving about how Hugh Jackman can sing and dance and all the men are wondering what they were watching last night??? That being said I DID think it was very awesome that a man with such limited singing/dancing talents would go out there in that forum and give it his all. Nice.
    I did miss the little clips they would show of the nominees in their respected nominated parts; particularly because I saw only two of the movies up for anything–Batman and Wall-E.
    What they were wearing doesn’t matter much, but I do like the simple, elegant gowns and classic tuxedos.
    Waaaaayyyy too much singing and dancing. It’s an awards shows guys, next year let’s keep it nice and tight.
    Show some backstage stuff, that’s where the action is.
    Well that’s all from my little ol’ point of view.
    Oh but I hear The Reader is a feel good movie (what Nazi atrocity movie isn’t?) so I guess I will lining up to see that, what with Kate Winslet’s singing and dancing talents, wink, wink…

  2. Didn’t you guys know that Hugh Jackman starred in a Broadway show? It was the “The Boy from Oz.” He’s got to be able to sing a little…

    I like it when comedians host the show better, like Jon Stewart or Letterman. They make fun of movie stars in a get-over-yourself way.

    I love looking at dresses, but every year it seems that everyone has gotten so tasteful that it’s a little boring. The “old Hollywood glamour” they always talk about is a little boring. Remember when we used to talk about Cher’s dresses or Bjork’s stork dress or Celine Dion’s backward suit or Gwyneth’s braless dress? No one is out there to shock us anymore, and that’s what makes it so fun! Someone needs to step out on the ledge a little.

    I saw “Slumdog Millionaire” before all the hype. It IS a really good movie, but doesn’t rank with the likes of Schindler’s List or Braveheart. But there wasn’t much to choose from of that caliber. I want to see “Gran Torino” and “The Wrestler” as character-driven movies draw me more than effects-driven ones. Slumdog wasn’t about effects, though.

    I also noticed Sean Penn didn’t mention his wife in his speech??

  3. Chris — You make me laugh (as always). Love your slam on poor Hugh. I must say, I didn’t think he was *brilliant* or anything. I thought he was okay. But it just took me by surprise! I couldn’t figure out why someone would put him in that role instead of a comedian.

    Carrie — Funny, you and Chris and I all seem to like opposite things. I guess that’s what makes the Academy Awards such a hodge-podge these days — they’re trying to appeal to all of us!

    Grace — No, I didn’t know that about Jackman! (I was truly surprised.) But I agree with you — I think the comedians are better. I generally liked the whole “old Hollywood Muscial” type theme they had going this year — it was a nice change. But I hope they go back to the comedians next year and a tad bit of outrageousness so we have something cool to talk about around the water cooler the next day.

    And your comment about Sean Penn is so funny because I JUST said that to a co-worker! (I said, “Oh I forgot to mention on my blog that I was surprised Sean Penn didn’t thank his wife…”) Funny we both noticed that!

  4. Well I am this close to getting strung up here at work for suggesting that Hugh Jackman might have been, uh how can I put this delicately, bad. So in the interest of not getting mugged on the way to my car, I would like to revise my earlier statement and say to all offended women that I believe Hugh Jackman to be the greatest singer/dancer/philanthropist/cat saver and actor of his generation. And yes I am jealous and yes I wish that people would pay to see me do anything and yes I wish that I had a life.
    Can I go home now?

  5. I thought Hugh Jackman did a great job on the opening number. It was funny and not in that schmaltzy way. But the huge number later on with Beyonce left me scratching my head. I am wondering why they chose her to accompany him in saluting musicals instead of someone who actually does musicals? It seemed completely out of place to me.
    Also, I really liked the format they chose for talking about the nominees for the runner up and leading man/woman awards. I found it intimate and tender. Reading a little on the ceremony today it seems people didn’t like it, but I loved it.
    Plus, I love Tim Gunn. I know he was only working the red carpet but he lend a class to it all. Love him in Project Runway.

  6. Chris — oh, were the women at work giving you a hard time today??? Sounds like you slithered out just in the nick of time. …

    Jeanne — Hello! Welcome! Thanks for the awesome comments. Actually, I didn’t think about that with Beyonce, but now that you mention it, that did seem out of place, huh? They could have picked someone who did a Broadwayesque movie, like Renee Zellweger.
    And yes, Tim Gunn had some fun things to say on the red carpet!

  7. Slithered is right! I’ve learned my lesson; never say that a “hot” man is bad at ANYTHING to a bunch of women at work…

  8. The Oscars are not unlike the Super Bowl in that the hype is often more exciting than the event itself. This year’s show was no different. I cannot understand why the Oscars have all the singing and dancing. It doesn’t fit. The award are about movies. Movies are magical.

    The ability of an actor, director, writer, FX, etc. to immerse you in a story and make you feel something is a special thing. The show needs to be about the movies.

    The song and dance numbers feel forced. Beyonce is a talented singer but her performance was really bad. She had no chemistry with Hugh Jackman.

    Let’s leave the musicals to the Tonys and let’s bring the Oscars back to movies.

  9. Well said, Dave! I always love your commentary on television shows and movies (we’ll get back to Mad Men one of these days soon!). And I think you make a good point here; however, I believe “the Academy” was trying to go for that “Musicals are Back” theme, which would fit in, even in a movie show. … Except … well … there aren’t any current musicals! (Are there? Was “Mama Mia” from this year?) Would’ve worked better in the days of “Chicago” or “Moulin Rouge.”

    This stretch seemed obvious in that the only performers they could find were the ones from “High School Musical” and “Mama Mia,” which just doesn’t seem like enough to have a theme, nor to declare that the “musical is back.” (?) But … well … as they say for the Oscar candidates: There’s always next year!

  10. I think Chris should stick to his guns about thinking Hugh Jackman has “limited singing/dancing talents.” It’s a pure reaction to the performance Chris saw on the Oscars. His opinion wasn’t affected by things like knowing about Jackman’s Tony award for best leading actor in a musical.

    I’m serious about this. Often, mediocre talents slide by on undeserved reputations because people don’t have confidence in their own opinions.

    And I say this as one of the legion of women who didn’t need Jackman to do anything beyond showing up to make us happy.

  11. “Best leading actor in a musical?????” Are we sure that wasn’t “Best LOOKING actor in a musical??”
    Oops, I’m doing it again!!
    What I meant to say was that Hugh Jackman should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his considerable gifts he brings to all the peoples of the world.
    Thank you, though, for your support Texanpenny but no need as I am on the Hugh Jackman bandwagon and I am going all the way! I guess you can call me a…

  12. You sound like Dave Barry when he was forced to declare that Neil Diamond was “God” after an avalanche of negative reaction from irate females when he criticized Diamond’s work in general and the words to “I Am I Said” in particular.

    Maybe Jackman, like Diamond, is also “uncriticizable.” I like Neil Diamond, but as an experiment, I criticized him at work, and people were VERY passionate in his defense. Even men!

  13. Neil Diamond? Whoa, one infallible at a time please. I’m still in the afterglow of that singular performance Sunday night last.
    But, now that I am firmly affixed to the Jackman pack, who is with me in declaring that “Hooters” is always busy solely because of the spectacular food they serve?

  14. Hi Folks,
    I’ve enjoyed reading the Academy Awards comments. I LOVED watching them, and thought they were really enjoyable this year. I wasn’t even concerned over Hugh Jackman’s big musical number, because I don’t even know who he is. I’m SSOO out of it with the new actors and actresses, that’s how old I am. I thought he did great though, with Beyonce. They weren’t there to perform some aria from opera, just entertain you with some music. It was actually a roll back to how movies were made in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. They were filled with music, fantasy, and more simple story lines that the everyday person could undestand – war stories, “boy meets girl”, westerns, and musicals. People wanted to be entertained, not stressed out. They were dealing with the Great Depression back then.

    Anyway, I loved all the fashions on the women, and laughed at one comment that no one wore anything controversial to talk about the next day. (I guess that “swan dress” from a couple years ago takes the cake, as did Cher’s monstrosity) However, the eye catcher for me was Mickey Rourke. What’s with him???? What a mess.!!! Robert Downey Jr. came back from a drug problem and he looks great. Rourke still looks like a train wreck. WHAT’S WITH HIS HAIR????? And his “formal” wear? Did he dress from some back alley dumpster.???? I also thought the “Ugly Dress Award” should go to Meryl Streep. I could go on and on about the clothes.
    I also loved the way they presented the Oscars by bringing back 5 of the previous winners. It was so neat to see the old winners. I smiled at the way Sophia Loren stood with her hand on her hip. If I could look like her, I’d stand that way all the time.!!!
    This was the first year EVER, that in 50 some years, I didn’t see not one movie nominated. We usually try to go out and see two or three of those nominated, but this year I thought the movies sounded awful. We may eventually see “Slumdog”, but that’s it. I guess I’m still in the 50’s genre of movies, in that I like to see a movie that has an ending, and I don’t come out stressed, mad, or scratching my head, trying to get my husband to explain the ending to me.
    Okay, thi is a tiny bit of my critique of the 2009 Oscar Winners. Arlene

  15. Chris — “Hughmanist”??? Oh my gosh, I’m going to have to give you your own blog! You’re making me laugh all day today.

    TexanPenny — Yes, I agree that Chris should stick to his guns because certain talents do slip under the radar for years. I *do* happen to be a Neil Diamond fan, though [*ducks head in shame*], but even I have to cringe at what might be about the worst grammar in the music industry. The worst offender, I think, being “…song, she sang to me/…song, she brang to me” … but I digress. (I’ll do a “bad grammar” in songs post soon!)

  16. Dave Barry, my own blog … no Mizwrite I am not some sort of “Hughmorist,” I am just here to sing the praises of our national treasure Hugh Jackman. I know he is Australian but he should get an executive order from the president declaring him the “Greatest living American”!
    Oh and I can’t wait for your bad grammar in song post. I will surely comment on that great 60s group, “The Hugh” with that great song “Hugh are you? Hugh-Hugh-Hugh-Hugh, tell me Hugh-Hugh-Hugh-Hugh…”
    Alright I know that’s enough of the horrible wordplay, even I am sick of it.

  17. Arlene — Hi, Mom! *wave, wave* Yes, maybe part of that “The Musical Is Back” concept was half wishful thinking (on producers’ parts) and half a nod toward other economic downturns, when people reportedly always turn toward “feel good” books (like romance novels!) and movies (musicals, comedies). I wonder if we’ll see an upswing in both this year?

    As for Meryl Streep’s dress, I thought it was okay, but maybe you didn’t like the color? The colors were a bit drab this year — at least that taupe is. And that “champagne” color that’s so pervasive only works on some, I think.

  18. Hey, I loved Hugh Jackman in Happy Feet–at least he was wearing a “tuxedo” in both movies. And I agree that Hugh Jackman in anything (or nothing) is okay with me. Poor Chris. I hope the women in the office let him out in one piece.

    I also think movies are magical, so I would like to keep it more focused on the art itself. I used to love going to the movies as a kid. It was always thrilling to me when the lights would go out and that curtain would rise and then the incredible color and sounds would start. It made even the silliest magical for a little while.

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