3 for Thursday: 3 Things You’ve Hung on to for More Than 15 Years

It’s time for 3 for Thursday again! This week, I want to hear about 3 things you still have in your possession after more than 15 years — something we wouldn’t expect: a favorite pair of jeans? a certain sweatshirt? a battered recipe? an old rotary phone?

Can’t wait to hear!

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4 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Things You’ve Hung on to for More Than 15 Years

  1. Hmmmmmm…NOT counting children, right????

    1-I do happen to have an old, ratty, stained, torn and frayed ugly gold sweatshirt that I LOVE!!!!! It is so old that I think it honestly belonged to King Tut (gold…) but it is SOOOOO comfortable and feels great!

    2-I have my old yellow belt from some Kung Fu class I had taken about 20 years ago. I don’t exactly know why I still have it but I can’t bear to throw it away.

    3-I have one of those old Franklin Covey organizers with allthe calendars and room for business cards and addresses and all that stuff we had to have BEFORE WE ALL HAD EVEN PERSONAL COMPUTERS. I kept it because somebody I worked with like over 20 years ago said to make sure to keep it because it would be cool to open it up years later to see how your life has changed and to remember what life was like when I used it. Well, I HONESTLY just opened it up about a month ago and guess what? I WAS AS BORING THEN AS I AM NOW!!!!! I have two addresses (mine and my mom’s) and Laurie’s birthday in there; a couple of business cards that I probably just picked up from somewhere to make me feel important. Oh, and a note to myself to buy underwear-seriously, who needs to remind themselves to buy new underwear?????

    Ha! Laurie aren’t you lucky you snagged me up before anyone else did????

  2. Ok, so no spouses either, right?

    1. What is it about comfy sweat shirts? I have one that is from Akron U and its just so soft inside! Now we don’t have many days when we need sweatshirts in South Florida, but when we do I go for that one!. Once I caught Tom wearing it while he was working on something and I just about had a fit. He hasn’t touched it since.

    2. A red bottle opener — one that our thirty-something son Dan is amazed at. I don’t know why I’ve held onto this, but it works and its followed us from house to house since the kids were small. If he needs a bottle opener when they’re here visiting and he digs around in the drawer, he gets this ‘Oh my gosh’ look on his face cause its still there.

    3. My recipe for Christmas cutout cookies that Mom wrote out for me before she moved in with us — so that has to be close to 35 years old. Now that she’s gone, it means more to me than ever! Making those cookies from that recipe card makes me feel like I’m somehow carrying on a tradition that she started.

  3. I have our family’s matriarch’s (Gramma Sipka) Christmas sugar cookie recipe, in her handwriting, I love to just look at the recipe. Our holidays weren’t (and still aren’t) complete without her cookies.
    Are children included in this? OK, so I’ve had Michele for over 25 yrs now, she gets a bit dusty at times, so I have to throw her in the shower and dust her off 🙂
    And then when I get the Christmas ornaments out, all the little crafty one’s she made for me, one in particualar is a Santa head, made from a pine cone. One of my all time favorite ornaments.
    I am a collector of pins, and I have a few that were worn by my Gramma, Mom and Aunts. My Mom had one that I remember her wearing as a child, she bought it at the dress store she worked at as a teen, earrings and bracelet to match too. I received it as a gift for a birthday from her, maybe my 40th? I love to wear it (the pin). The earrings and bracelet I keep safely tucked away and wear on special occasions.

  4. This is a hard one for me cause, a few years ago I started “cleaning house” and got rid of almost everything I don’t use. My rule is if I haven’t used it or worn it in 6 months, I don’t need it. But, thinking of the attic –

    I have all my paycheck stubs- yes all of them! Starting back at my very first job when I was 16! Don’t know why.

    Pin collection. I used to wear a bunch of different pins with bands and cute sayings on them in the 80’s, still have them.

    Kids’ school papers! I used to file all the work, pictures, etc that each kid brought home from school. They each had their own box and I thought it would be neat to go thru them some day when they are older. When they got too old for this, we boxed them up and wrote their names on them and put them in the attic. Someday, that will be kinda fun. Oh, I also have their teeth (kinda gross, but what can I say!).

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