3 for Thursday: 3 Famous People You’ve Met

Okay, we’re playing 3 for Thursday again, and — as usual — I’m really excited to hear your answers!

Who are three famous people you’ve met?

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13 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Famous People You’ve Met

  1. I can’t think of anyone really famous I have met except some local people….

    1 – Our Governor, Christine Gregoire opened the bathroom door for me and said hello at a Boeing function she spoke at.

    2 – Met and spoke with one of our newscasters Joyce Taylor

    3 – Rich Marriott (weather man), Paul Silvi (sports) – I went on a field trip with my son his senior year to all the local tv stations and met quite a few anchors and people behind the scenes. I also served two of the reporters lunch when they came to Marysville for a story, but I can’t remember their last names!

    I know these are no 0ne that any of you Californians will know, I can’t wait to hear who you have all seen!

  2. 1. President Barack Obama (ok I just got to shake his hand but that is close enough to “meeting” in my eyes.)
    2. Malcom Jamal-Warner (Theo, The Cosby Show)
    3. Mr. T (well, he was famous back in the day 🙂 )
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  3. I’ve only met one famous person…but mom and Ash have met some famous people so I will use them as my #2 & #3 🙂
    1. John Wayne – when I was about 1, my dad put new tires on his car and I got to meet him and he even held me for a bit! Too bad I have absolutely no memory of this…
    2. George Burns & Regis Philbin – I didn’t meet these two, but my mom did. She was on a flight with George Burns and met Regis at an awards ceremony of some sort.
    3. Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls – I didn’t meet her either, but Ashlee did. Ashlee’s boyfriend is a musician and was playing somewhere in LA. She had no idea who Nicole was, and everybody was surprised she didn’t know who she was. Ash isn’t much of a TV person and doesn’t listen to that sort of music. I, of course, knew exactly who she was!
    By the way, I am sitting here thinking I must have met somebody else famous in this long life of mine…but I can’t for the life of me think of anybody else!
    Well, Happy 3 for Thursday, MizWrite!!

  4. Ok, I thought I had met more famous people than I actually have…

    1-Our esteemed Governator Arnold Idontknowhowtospellhislastnameggar before he was even a famous actor. I met him a couple of times at bodybuilding shows in the early 80s.

    2-Ron Yary, a Hall Of Fame football great. He even let me try on his hall of fame ring; it looked like a hula hoop on my fingers. This man was in his 60s and was still a mountain of a man!!!

    3-Oh, I still don’t get the big deal over this guy, but I met Travis Barker the drummer for Blink 182 (and his wife at the time-who did that Dancing With the Stars season). I didn’t even know there was a band with that name but where I work I had to deal with him.


  5. NYT bestselling authors: Jane Yolen (The Devil’s Arithmetic, Owl Moon), Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely series), and Maggie Stiefvater (Shiver, Linger). Singer, Toni Braxton – I went to high school with her little sister. Baseball player, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. Met him at a club about 15 years ago, what a loser! Some of the Twilight Cast: Peter Facinelli (Dr. Cullen), Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call), Michael Welch (Mike Newton), Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie), Edi Gathegi (Laurent), and Tinsel Korey (Emily). Also, all the wolf pack guys except Taylor Lautner. Sorry, I forgot all their names.
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  6. Okay – this is fun.

    1. Do famous authors count? Heather Graham, Julia Quinn and lots of others
    2. Former Mayor Ed Koch
    3. President Lydon Johnson (I was about a year old)

    DH has met many in his capacity working for our county jail – F. Lee Bailey (had a few phone conversations with him), Charles Barcley and a few others.

  7. I received my Third Degree in the Knights of Columbus at the same ceremony as Bishop Jaime Soto, now the Bishop of Sacramento. I was in Boy Scouts with football player Sean Dawkins. My uncle wrote for David Letterman back in the early ’80s and introduced me once. (I was 8 or 9.)

    I met a handful of celebrities doing interviews for the OC Register on the Long Beach Grand Prix celebrity race, but I’ll write those off as artificial meetings.

  8. 1) Dennis Quaid. He ran into me and knocked me completely flat on the ground. This was at LSU when he was filming “Everybody’s All-American.” He was wearing full 1950’s era football gear and was late for a scene, but was most gracious picking me up and dusting me off and stuttering how incredibly sorry he was. Then he proceeded to semi-date my sorority “big sis.” He had a mighty big ‘ol time in Baton Rouge for that movie!

    2) Mickey Roarke. I was in a play in New York in 1986 and the director knew Mickey, who came by to watch several hours of practice and gave us all “notes.” This was pre-boxing days – post 9 1/2 weeks. He had just finished filming “Angel Heart,” and it was just about to release. He was fascinated with those of us from Louisiana and seemed concerned that his accent for the movie had been wrong.

    3) Tony Kushner. (The playwright who wrote “Angels in America” and won the Pulitzer.) He’s from my same hometown of Lake Charles, LA. He directed me in a play — a very modern take on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”

    4) Geraldine Ferraro. The first female VP candidate… way back when. I was in a Louisiana state-level speech competition and my coach and I ran into her at the hotel. I asked her for any advice on strong speaking and she said, “Look ’em in the eye, never flinch, tell it like it is, and screw ’em if they don’t like you.” I was so impressed that I had to write that down and have remembered it ever since.

    I’ve met some others (like my favorite ex-president Jimmy Carter) at book signings, etc. Have seen a great many folks at LAX including Richard Simmons in full striped-short and manic regalia, but those were pass-by encounters….

  9. 1. Carlos Menem, President of Argentina. I was working Latin American programs and trying to sell Air Traffic Control/Air Defense System to the Latin American countries and the Argentine gov was on a trip to Canada, so I went up there and we had the previous Prime Minister of Canada as a Consultant for us and he got me an invite to the Meet and Greet Cocktail Social. Every on lined up and would approach him and shake his hand and say Welcome to Canada Mr. President. I walked up to him and started selling in Spanish. His body guards started to come and move me along, but he signaled them to let me go on. After my spiel, he motioned his Minister of the Air Force to set up a meeting with me. Later that evening I got a call from his Minister of Defence to join them at their hotel and watch the Argentina soccer team play in the World Cup.

    2. Jean Claude Van Damme. I got into the elevator at my hotel in Buenos Aires and some yells hold the door. In walks Van Damme. I was of course wearing my snakeskin cowboy boots and Van Damme looks at the boots and says “I’ll buy those from you!”. I said no and we got to talking.

    3. Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger. I was coming back to my hotel after a late lunch in Lima, Peru and I was called over to the concierge desk by two American Airline pilots I had met at the restaurant earlier. They told the concierge I spoke both English and Spanish and this couple was having trouble telling the concierge what they wanted. I was introduced to Bassinger and Baldwin. I explained what they wanted, they thanked me and Kim Bassinger invited me to have a drink with them. Baldwin said I was probably busy and didn’t have time, I said “OK, sure!”. So I had a pisco sour with them, Peruvian National Drink. I started telling them that I had worked with the studio as a consultant (I worked with Hughes on Navy Combat Systems before) on Hunt for Red October. I was trying to impress Baldwin because he was in it, but he didn’t seem to care one iota. Kim Bassinger seemed interested and offered another drink. Baldwin, said they had taken up too much of my time I probably had other things to do. I said “Sure, I’d love another drink”. We talked some more, and I think I heard Baldwin just groan.

  10. Congressman John Murtha
    Former Caps Hockey great Mike Garten
    And, I didn’t really meet him, but I once stood around an airport gate with Ben Stein exchanging polite words while waiting to get on the plane.
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  11. Actually there is a photo of Jersey Girl with Congressman Murtha. I orchestrated that one. On Ben Stein….Wooowww!

  12. This is fun! I liked reading everyone’s comments.

    Greg Boyce (Twilight Movie: he plays one of the kids that is friends with Bella’s group). Him and I went on a date earlier this year. He got on my nerves from the beginning, but i was determined to get a an autographed photo for my niece. Mission accomplished. Never took his calls after that. Ha ha ha. Oh well.

    Kevin B (he is semi-famous,he is one of T Pain’s music producer’s. Yes, T Pain the rapper. How embarrassing). I met him when i was in Hollywood and accidentally showed up to a club that was hosting a special even with the people from “The Hills” . I was actually trying to find another club and decided to just walk into this one. I hustled my way in (as usual, just tell some bullshit story that you are a model, or you know someone) Kevin saw me walking towards the entrance and asked me to walk the red carpet with him. Being single, I’d be crazy to ever say no to that. There i went and even stood next to him while he was interviewed. We went on about 4 dates after that and then i got bored. Too glamorous for me. Well at lease i got to ride in a Bentley. Got myself into some pretty upscale clubs with him and never had to kiss him. Ha! He wasn’t that cute.

    Mario Lopez (while he was doing Save by the Bell). Mario was my god parent’s son’s best friend. I saw him around 2 or 3 times when i was a kid. I must have been 6 years old or so, but still, i never forgot that cute face.

    Ryan Phillipe. I was having lunch at The Ivy in Beverly Hills (again, i was on a date) and he sat at the table next to us. He is just as cute in person as he is in movies. I just had to speak to him so i asked what he was having for lunch then ordered the same thing. Lobster Linguine. Mmmmm

    I was reading the comment by Shea and I’m so happy i read that quote. My parents actually named me after Geraldine Ferraro. Her and also my mom’s mentor who helped her get citizenship back in the 80’s. Her name was also Geraldine. Very interesting: “Look ‘em in the eye, never flinch, tell it like it is, and screw ‘em if they don’t like you.”


  13. Oh my gosh, I loved reading all of these comments, too! You all have amazing stories!

    Johnny, I cracked up at your Alec Baldwin/Kim Bassinger story! Too funny.

    And Geraldine, I love that you made a connection with Shea’s quote — I’m sure you’ll always remember that one now! 😉

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