Who is Your Doppelganger?

As some of you may have noticed on Facebook and Twitter, it’s Doppelganger Week (which seems to be evolving into Doppelganger Month!). Users have been changing their profile pictures and avatars to a celebrity who they are often told they look like. I’ve met “Victoria Principal,” “Olivia Newton John,” “Ferris Bueller” (VHS Shawn, for those of you who know him! That was a good one. …), Bill Clinton, and more.

I’m too lazy to change to my avatar, honestly, but if I were going to change it for Doppelganger Week, here’s who I’d change it to:


Yep, that’s right. I’ve been told more than once I remind someone of Bonnie Hunt. Too bad I’m not nearly as funny.

Superman has been told more than once that he looks like Oscar De La Hoya! Once we were in Benihanas, and a woman on the other side of the table came over and said, “I know you’re probably told this ALL the time, but … ” I loved that. (Oscar is hot!) (And so is Superman!)

So what about you? Who is your celebrity look-alike?

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16 thoughts on “Who is Your Doppelganger?

  1. After Armageddon came out forty-six people told me I reminded them of Liv Tyler. Yes, I counted. I’ve never understood it, and think everyone but me must have been drinking the Kool-aide, but oookay. A few years after that Tyler played Arwen, in the LotR trilogy, of course, and that was pretty interesting, because my dad was such a HUGE Tolkien buff he named me after Gandalf (Amethyst Greye, Grey as in Gandalf the, and an extra ‘e’ for femininity).

  2. Ha – people used to tell my ex that he looked like Oscar De La Hoya too! As for my doppelganger, people say that I look like LeAnn Rimes, which I hate, because I think she’s ugly:-(

  3. Hello,

    I was told i look like Rosalyn Sanchez. Nobody knows who she is…It’s the girl in Rush Hour 2 and the Moutnain Dew commercials. Also Jamie Lynn Sigler, the daughter on The Sopranos

    But i don’t really think i look like either. 🙁


  4. You know, Laurie. I literally have NEVER been told I look like any celebrity. I seem to look like everyone else, though. I always get the “Gosh, you remind me of a someone I once knew, but she’s dead now.” So, alas, I have no doppelganger.

    Yours rocks! Totally Bonny Hunt!

    –Bookclub Shea

  5. I have been told I look like a few people actually, which I think is funny. The ones I get the most are Christina Applegate and Elizabeth Montgomery. I remember when Kirk was about 4 yrs old, we were watching Bewitched (which by the way is one of my all time favorite shows) and I was sitting there in my morning glory drinking coffee with my hair every which way – and he says “mommy, you look just like that lady”! I thought that was so sweet, and wish it were true! I can see the similarities to you and Bonnie, I would have never thought it until I saw the picture though. They say we all have a twin out there somewhere (whoever “they” are!)- how fun. I too was too lazy to change my picture on fb!

  6. I do remember the Oscar de LaHoya comment and I was flattered. However I have to say that all through Jr. high and most of high school my nickname was “Ponch” because EVERYBODY thought I looked like Erik Estrada’s “Poncherello” character from the tv show “CHiPs”
    I know for a while I had the same hair there…at first it was just annoying and then I just accepted it. Then CHiPs went off the air and I was free!!!
    Thank God for Oscar de LaHoya!!!

  7. Oh, I LOVE all your Doppelgangers!

    Some of you I’m just going by your Twitter avatars, but I think they’re all spot-on! (Especially Carrie as Lee-Ann Rimes! I think she’s adorable, Carrie! She was my son’s first crush, when he was about 5!) And Elizabeth Montgomery is perfect for Debi! (Geri, I don’t know your actresses — I’ll have to look them up.)

    Kwana and Shea — I’m not very good at coming up with them, so I can’t suggest anyone, but if someone in the future tells you that you look like so-and-so, come back here and add it in! These are very cute. …

  8. Oh, and Superman, yes, I remember the “Ponch” years — (I was going to write that, but I wanted to leave you your own story to tell!) It was partly the hair, but also that big smile.

  9. I posted mine on FB a few weeks ago, and oddly enough that week someone told me I reminded them of that person. I had heard this before but it’d been awhile. It’s Helen Hunt.

  10. Hi, Tracy! Yes, I knew I felt “connected” to you for a reason!!! (LOVE your blog!) Your story about being told by the repairman that you reminded him of Bonnie just made me laugh. My most recent comment was from one of my Twitter friends (and readers here on the blog, actually), who has never even met me in real life, but she said something about one of the scenes in “Cheaper By the Dozen” reminded her of me. And I told her I’d actually been told several times I remind people of Bonnie Hunt! So funny.

  11. For years people have said “I saw you at X restaurant or store” but either I’d never been there or it was a long time ago. I keep thinking it might have been a slightly older half-sister that I’ve never met – just know my bio-father’s wife was pregnant when he had a one night affair with my bio-mother. Her birth last name would be Crow.

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