Downtown Disney FREEZE!

Here are a couple of videos and pictures of the Jan. 23rd Downtown Disney “Freeze.”

Similar to the one in Grand Central Station awhile ago, about 1,000 participants were involved — all “freezing” time at the same moment, and holding their pose for five minutes (while everyone around them stared, bewildered), then “resuming” their action five minutes later. Saturday’s event at Downtown Disney was organized by the Random Acts of Theater group.

My son and his friends found out about it on Facebook — word spread quickly about the 3:00 event (later changed to 4:00), so he and several classmates decided to meet the group and join in the fun.

Here’s a YouTube video of the entire event. This video starts off showing a practice that was held in a Disney parking garage, then the actual event — out on the sidewalks of Downtown Disney — takes place at 5 minutes :12 seconds on the video. Hang in until the end if you can — at the end, it shows everyone just “resuming.” A lot of people clapped. It was really cute:


And here’s another video that I managed to get in! I’m looking like a complete dork. Nathan is in the blue shirt and comes into the frame at about 3:27, then I follow behind him at 3:29. Rene found this video on YouTube and was watching it the next day, then suddenly said, “Mom! You’re in here!” She was so excited. I’m wearing a black jacket and holding my camera and looking really goofy (er …. uh … Goofy?). We were actually looking around for Rene, who was with us, but we couldn’t find her. I wanted to find her so we could wander further down and see if we could find my son in his “pose” with all his friends. I look like I’m lost, or something. Silliness.

Anyway, then you see me wandering over to the side of the screen at about 4:48 to take a picture. Here’s the picture I took:

 These guys were really good. I loved their poses — the one couple in a “proposal” pose, and the other couple in a cute “tell me a secret” pose. They did an excellent job staying “frozen.” A lot of people came right up to their faces and took pictures of them.

After it was all over, I did run into my son and all his friends. They had a ball doing this. My son and his girlfriend did a pose where she had something in her teeth, and he was doing the “dutiful boyfriend holding the purse” pose. They recreated it for me here:

And here’s the whole gang, hanging out afterward and just looking cute:

They said they had a great time. It was good, harmless fun. And kind of an interesting look at group planning. (I mean, wow, 1,000 people?) My son’s friends said two things really stood out: how quiet it got (it really did — kind of eerie), and how people would walk right up to them and take pictures about 12 inches away, like they were really statues.

Have you ever seen one of the “freezes”? Did you see the one at Downtown Disney? If so, what did you think?

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7 thoughts on “Downtown Disney FREEZE!

  1. Laurie!

    That is awesome! How fun. I would like to be involved in the next one.

    The “tell me a secret” one is my favorite.


  2. I am so bummed I wasn’t there~! The weather finally cleared up enough to go…I wanted to go all week but people are so weird. They said it was raining too hard to go. Sheesh. Disney in the rain is a blast. I wish the videos would work but for some reason (probably Vista) they wouldn’t play for me, but I did see them on YouTube. What fun!

  3. That is the coolest thing! I love seeing the dancing groups, where one starts in, then another couple joins them…. Too cool! Your kids sound awesome! Love the poses.

  4. That is very cool! I think it would be hard to stay still for that long – what if your nose itched or something?! I like the proposal one the best, and of course, Rickys!

  5. Ok, that was just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!! It would be so much fun… unfortunately, with 2 4yo’s I doubt we’d be able to do this.. not until they’re much older 🙂
    That was pretty awesome!

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  7. Glad you all liked the “FREEZE”! I keep watching it. (I love the “99 Red Balloons” song in the first video, too.) I forgot to mention that they used the red balloons by giving one to each “group” participating — not all participants, but just each cluster — so they could space it out appropriately across the plaza and see at a glance how much ground they were covering.

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