A New Blog in the Works. …

Guess what? I’m starting another blog!

Yeah, I know — This blogging thing is getting out of hand. I’m blogging all over the place, and getting very little other writing done. And I’m trying to write two novels, and find an agent, a raise a family, and have an actual full-time job. …

But I really, really like it. And I just want one more. …

(Does that sound like addict talk?)

Anyway, the new blog is going to be a bit more professional — just me giving actual, usable advice. This Mizwrite blog, meanwhile, will be my “main blog” — where I come to chat, and whine, and ask you guys questions, and check in to see what you’re up to. It’s my first love, afterall. …

So I’ll let you guess what the other blog will be — any ideas? One hint: It’s what I was doing here.

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14 thoughts on “A New Blog in the Works. …

  1. Oh, goodness! I’m going to have to get up extra early now so I have time to read my favorite morning blog (s)! By the way, you are never whiny – you just make statements we can all relate to 🙂 and to give us food for thought 🙂

    I’m not too good at hints….so I will be waiting paitiently for the new blog….

  2. M. — Aw, thanks, M! That was nice of you to say. And you might actually like the other blog — it’s something that has to do with your life, too. (That’s another hint!)

    Superman — No! You do not get a prize, because you already know what it is. But … well … maybe we can negotiate. … 😉

  3. Ok, I think you are going to have a photography blog – am I right??? I know you love to take pictures and are very good at it…and it is what you were doing at the Disney Freeze. I too will have to get up extra early to get another blog in before work! I wish we lived closer so I could visit you in person once in awhile, instead of just on line!

  4. Debi — No, not a photography blog, although I thank you for the compliment! (Unfortunately, all I know about photography would only last me about two posts!) : )

    M. — No, not a blog about kids. I never feel like an expert in that. Like most (all??) parents, I’m always questioning myself. Although I’m pleased to chat with all of you about parenting on this blog! Love sharing ideas and hearing your stories.

    Superman — Um … no … not about milking cows. ALTHOUGH … there will possibly be a post about milking a cow on the new blog! Huzzah! Wow, another hint. … (hard hint, though. Think “Centennial”…)

  5. A life around OC… things to do in OC… I am thinking the clue is Centennial Farms… where you will milk a cow… did I get it??

  6. Laurie,

    The next blog will be related to surveying/researching the response to your current blog. You will be studying who and what people comment to the different blogs you’ve had here. Also your facebook/twitter responses, comments, etc. By age, gender, location,etc…

    You will continue to write about random topics on this blog, document the response from the public, fans, followers, hubby, etc. And talk about in the new blog.

    Ummmm, yeah that’s probably not the correct answer, but hey it would be interesting.

    ok, fine, what is it? What is it? (jumping up and down waiting)


  7. I think Dawn is probably right – when are you gonna tell us, I am with Geraldine…jumping up and down waiting!

  8. Ding-ding-ding … We have a winner! Dawn got it right! (I can’t believe “milking a cow” was the clue that did it, but there it is. …) I was thinking I’d do a blog on things to do in OC, since I have a gazilion writeups about places around here that I did for the Register (not to mention all those historical tidbits, interviews, photos, etc.). I think it will be fun! You know, to do in my spare time. …

    Personally, I find some current “things to do” sites a bit overwhelming. Like they just list tons and tons of things to do. This one would just feature one suggestion at a time (timely when appropriate, like the Tallships Festival when it’s coming up, etc.). That way stay-home-moms can check it when they need something fun to do with their kids; or kids like my son can check it when he wants to take his girl out for a fun (cheap) activity, etc. Daily ideas. Hope it’s a good idea. …

  9. Thats a great idea – too bad I am too far away to take advantage of it. At least I can read about it though.

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