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Merced River - Spring 2009

Our daughter’s birthday is this month, and we’re celebrating with a couple of her teenager friends this weekend.

I can’t believe my little girl is a teenager. I remember when she was just a little thing, we’d ask her if she knew her birthday, and she’d say “Au-gust.” In my head, I still say the date like that.

Time sure does fly. But I couldn’t ask for a more lovely development of a more lovely daughter. She has the most beautiful heart — the thing that was always most important to me. She’s grown into the kind of person who sees the lonely new girl at school and will go over and ask her to have lunch. (She’s actually done that a few times.) She goes out of her way to remove herself from pettiness and negativity at school (a tough chore — I admire her resolve). She is the friend to others who will always listen.

She’s quiet, artistic, beautiful, left-handed, a bit Bohemian, fabulous with color, funny, can eat with chopsticks like she was born doing it, is learning to play the guitar, loves children, LOVES animals, loves to bake, and just has the biggest heart you could imagine.

We’re taking her and her friends to an amusement park for some evening-hour fun. To celebrate her birth — truly a joyous day for our whole family.

We wouldn’t be the same without her.

Happy Birthday, Rene!

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16 thoughts on “Darling Daughter

  1. Isn’t it wonderful having a special daughter that makes mom sooo proud! Our daughter is going to be 20 this year and it just does not seem possible. We love the woman she has become and look forward to all the wonderful memories she will be giving us in our old age. She is also a wonderful sister as I am sure Rene is too.
    It gives me hope knowing that their generation have these lovely people to help mold our future generations.
    Happy Birthday Rene.

  2. Your daughter sounds an awful lot like my daughter! I’m so happy for you, because aren’t they the biggest blessing? My daughter often volunteers to make dinner if she sees I’ve had a tough day. Such a thoughtful girl. 🙂 And I very much like the sentiment you shared as well.

  3. Debbie C – Wow, your daughter is 20 already? Although I’ve never met her, I recall some Christmas cards where she was just an early teen! Time sure flies … And yes, you’re right about being a good sister! Your daughter and Rene both have only brothers to deal with, and she’s a great sis to her brothers. In fact, I love that her older brother always yells downstairs for “GIRL opinion!” when he wants to know if his shirt looks right, or if his cologne smells okay. She assesses everything for him and gives him advice.

    Jeanne — I’ve never met your daughter either, but (like with Debbie) I’ve heard you mention her, and she does sound remarkable. That thoughtfulness is such a wonderful quality, and even though you don’t go into parenting thinking about teaching your kids how to be thoughtful (I was more concerned with making sure they didn’t touch electrical outlets and such!), when they emerge with such wonderful characteristics, you realize realize how important all that is.

    I heard someone say once that, when parenting, you “might as well raise someone you like to be around.” Sounds sort of funny, but it’s really true. You realize that the important things to instill are thoughtfulness, honesty, kindness, empathy, gratitude, positive outlook — all those things that make you want to hang around with a person.

    Sounds like we all have daughters we like to hang around with, which is a mother’s blessing for sure! : )

  4. Your daughter is beautiful and blessed to have a mom that valued the heart and the kind of person she would become. People get so trapped in the education get-ahead mentality and sacrifice what in the long run ends up being more important. Whatever else can be said, it sounds like you and your hubby raised a wonderful and generous human being. Happy Birthday, Rene. Au-gust does rock.

  5. Hi, Kat! Are you an Au-gust also? Thank you for the kind words. I agree that many parents get trapped in the “education get-ahead” mentality. It starts to become a competition between the parents more than the kids!(As if they’re running for Parent of the Year based on how many classes they can get their kids into.) But yeah, Superman and I have always believed that a child’s talents come out naturally — no need to push. We think it’s more important for parents to spend time gently guiding kids toward basic values.

  6. My birthday is next month…on September 11. My mom’s birthday is this month and my sister, so I think Au-gust rocks. (I like to go to birthday parties!) Once again, tell your daughter Happy Birthday and to have a fabulous day at the amusement park. (I have Disney passes so that is my favorite place!)

  7. Please tell Rene Happy Birthday from us. Though we’ve only seen her a few times as she’s grown up, I’ve always thought Renee was charming, friendly and just lovely. I know appearances are secondary to the ‘inner Rene’, but I have to tell you, I think she’s just STUNNING! You and Chris must be very proud of all three of your wonderful children.

  8. Thanks for the good wishes, Kat! We actually went to Knott’s with the girls, but I think Disney is on the horizon for my youngest son this fall. (I’ve always wanted to do the Halloween Disney, and his b-day is around Halloween.)

    Aunt Helene — Hello! Thanks for the nice greetings for Rene, and the compliments. (I think I’ll have her read everyone’s nice comments here!) Yes, we are proud of all three kids!

  9. Your daughter who also happens to be my granddaughter and the first girl born into our family is really special to me too. I just think she is an Angel. A teenager! Wow!…..I was thinking about that on the flight to California last week. I first saw her in the summer of 1998 and I remember she let me hold her just briefly, but didn’t really want to be with me. But it was a great joy for me, given where we were then, it really warmed my heart.
    And you are so right, she is growing up so fast, but she is growing up to be a nice, lovable person. Jan was telling me she is so impressed on how nice Rene and her brothers are. That is a credit to you and Chris. I am so proud that Rene is my granddaughter as I am with Ricky and Nate too.
    God Bless all of you.

  10. Ok, Ive waited sooooo long to comment on this one because I can never get through a few words without tears blinding my eyes. I love that little girl like you wouldn’t believe…There i go again; I’ll have to try again another time.

  11. Johnny — Thanks! Yes, that’s right — the only girl born into the Sanchez clan for three generations now! She’ll be a tough one with all those boys around. (Or very well protected!)

    Chris — Hey, you got an avatar! Nice, babe! And yes, I know how much you love your little girl … Since you can’t even watch home movies of our kids, I don’t imagine you’ll do well at teen birthdays and graduations and such. … : )

    Kwana — Hello! Thanks, my dear. You’ve got a teen, too, so I know you can relate to the growing-up-so-fast thing!

  12. Rene is absolutely beautiful! She reminds me of a girl (Adrian) from a show my daughter watches (The Secret Life of a Teenager)- of course by looks only! I know how it feel to watch your baby girls grow into nice and wonderful women. I only have one boy (or man, being 21!), but it is different with the girls. Natalie is a “women” at 18 and watching her spirit and heart and even her brain transform with age has been a delight…Rene sounds a lot like Nat in many ways. My other daughter who is almost 16 is completely different and great as well. Boys bruise and break and sweat and stink…and nothing at all like raising a daughter! It sounds like Rene is a great girl and someone I would love to have around me and my girls! I hope she had a wonderful birthday 🙂
    BTW – Knotts Scarey Farm is really fun, I got to go a couple of times when I was growing up down there for my birthday! I remember Leilani went with me and we were sooo scared!

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