A Fourth-Grade Perspective

If sunshine felt like snowflakes,

So yellow and so bright,

We could build a sunman

Or we could have a sunball fight.

— Nate, 4th Grade

My son gave me this poem yesterday and it made me smile. Do you have any fun “kidbits” to share? Don’t they always make you think of the world in a more positive light?

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0 thoughts on “A Fourth-Grade Perspective

  1. I always love getting things from the kids. Everything they write or draw is always fun, positive and hopeful. Never a negative; I wish that they could stay that way forever.

  2. That is too cute! I always loved getting cards and pictures from the kids when they were little. They were always so pure and full of love! I like Nates idea, we had snow here two days ago, I’d much rather have a sunball fight!!

  3. I think it’s pretty high level for a young age. Looks like you’ve got a writer on your hands…

    It’s such a sweet and happy poem. And innocent!

  4. Chris and Debi — Yes, all those sweet things the kids give us are unbelievably cherished, aren’t they? Two of my upcoming posts are about what to do with ALL those cute drawings, stories, poems, fingerpaintings, etc. …

    Grace and pbdiva — Thanks for the compliments — I’ll pass ’em along to Nate. Thanks for stopping by, pbdvia — I like your blog about paperbacks! I’ll have to spend a nice, long time perusing your blog this weekend. …

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