The Power of Visualization

san-francisco2I have a lot of other posts lined up, but I thought I’d revist this topic briefly, since it was a good discussion over the weekend. …


On this topic of lists – and whether or not it’s important to have one for the man of our dreams – I have to say, you all are convincing me of an alternative viewpoint.


I’d always thought it was a terrible idea – and I’d always thought it was a fluke, or a freakishly astonishing coincidence, that I’d married a man who met the requirements of my original “list” (as childish as it was). But I’m starting to see your point of visualization.

I do believe in visualization. Urban-fantasy writer Jordon Summers blogged about this the other week, when she was talking about her ability to simply make things happen the way she expected them to go. And I was sort of talking about this the other day, when I spoke about knowing what you really want, and why aren’t you simply making that happen? My former coworker Jen K. and I talked about this, too: how she finds it half-frightening, half-liberating, that – once she sets her mind to something – she simply makes it materialize. She gave a lot of examples, but – right before my eyes – I heard her say one day that she’d really like to live in San Francisco. (She’s originally from Philly, so all of California was new to her.) One day she talked about it, and the next thing I knew, she had a job offer from – and a boyfriend interested in traveling to – San Fran. Done and done. All in a day’s work for Jen. She simply makes things happen. …

Do you believe some people are like this and others are not? Or do you believe we all have the power within us, but we simply have different amounts of strength at different times of our lives?


I know a lot of people use “visualization boards,” where they paste magazine pictures of what they truly want on a board and prop it up within eye range until it comes true. And I did this, sort of, with my romance-writing career. I drew out a timeline for myself, giving myself six years, and plotting each step of the way. I have it on a lined piece of paper in an orange-and-blue notebook sitting here on my desk. And, so far, I have to admit, it’s sort of working out the way I drew it. …


So what about you? Do you believe in the power of visualization? To add to Texan Penny’s career choice coming true, her husband materializing, Grace’s future hubby turning his attention to her, Jen K’s job relocation happening, and other powers of positive thinking, do you think visualization works?

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0 thoughts on “The Power of Visualization

  1. It’s funny, I did the same thing a few years (2) before meeting my husband. Put together a journal of characteristics I was looking for in a man and added a photo of a ‘character’ I thought embodied these things. In this case, the picture was of Adrian Paul in his Highlander days.

    Did I mention I eventually married a man from Scotland? *g*

  2. The first step to making something happening is IMAGINING it happening in your mind, with your third eye.

    Foresight, hindsight, both of those use the power of visualization.

  3. Hi, Jordan Summers! Thanks for visiting my blog! And how cool that visualization worked for you with your hubby as well as career decisions! (Amazing about that Highlander-Scotland connection!)

  4. Grace — Um … no … I didn’t read “The Secret.” Am I overstating the obvious? Sometimes I’m a few months (or years) behind. … : )

  5. Mizwrite, It wasn’t exactly what I was aiming for, but luckily it worked out. (wg) This was LONG before the book, The Secret came out. *g* I’m VERY careful what I ‘wish’ for now. 😉

  6. Jordan — Sounds smart! Now I have to add “The Secret” to my TBR pile … deep sigh …

  7. Jordan Summers’ first post reminds me another do-to list I made sometime where I flippantly wrote “Marry a quiet foreigner.” Of course, I forgot all about it, but my husband IS from another country (not so quiet, though!).

    I never thought of myself as someone who can just make what I want happen, but you’ve got me rethinking it.

  8. I love any subjects related to spirituality! I think it goes alot deeper than “The Secret” & power of visualization. To me, there is a karmic destiny in which things play out to train & elevate you; there is also heavenly-ordained destiny as to where you are supposed to be or have as a mission in life, thus things happen to move you in that direction. Then, there is free will…so with all this in the blend, who really knows??

  9. Grace — Okay, I’ll look for that. I’m curious now.

    Texan Penny — Yes, I think you’re one of those “make it happen” types of people, for sure.

    Judy — Yes, who really knows? : ) But karmic destiny is truly fascinating.

  10. This definitely happened!

    After a visit to San Fran, my boyfriend and I fell in love with it. We were also looking for a fresh career twist. I put up a gorgeous picture of the Golden Gate Bridge as my screen saver while I looked for a job. Not only did it all happen for both of us, but we had a blast doing it!

    In fact, we still love it, both went back to school while working and are now planning our wedding.

    It feels like it has to do with the “spirit” behind your motivations. Whether it is a vision board, a visualization exercise, a mantra… if it feels good, challenges your fears of the unknown and creates happiness or a feeling of freedom and creativity, then that is your jet fuel to get there.

    Much love Laurie!

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