Sunday Morning Weigh-In: March 18

Well, not so good this week. I’m up two pounds already!

But honestly, it’s what I expected. I was doing a lot of big-dinner-cooking at home this week, and I knew I was slipping into comfort foods. For some reason, bread was sounding really good to me all week, so I was falling into my old bad habits of too many breads/breaded items/other carbs. … so it actually could have been much worse! 

Off we go into another week!

Here’s to heavy on the vegetables, light on the carbs! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Weigh-In: March 18

  1. That’s okay, don’t be too hard on yourself! At least you know your downfall and are able to get back on track. Vegetables never sound as good as bread…or breaded anything!! 😉

  2. Sourdough is my favorite too! I eat it every morning, but at least there isn’t any sugar in it!

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