More Debbie D. Tables — Christmas Brunch

Since I was talking about Debbie D’s beautiful tables the other day, I thought I’d find a couple more.

(Unfortunately, at her events, I always seem to be without my camera, or without my SD card, or without a workable battery … sheesh. So I asked some other book club friends if they had any pictures. …)

Here are some from book club friend Barbara, of our last Christmas brunch: 

I loved this particular holiday brunch table because of the colors. Rather than the traditional bright Christmas green and red, Debbie used a beautiful soft green, white and gold. It was so peaceful and serene, and perfectly elegant for a daytime gathering.

She always does a pretty centerpiece, often in sets of three (as on this day), sometimes a single centerpiece with candles on either side, but no matter what, she always keeps it nice and low so we can see each other across the table — super important. Sometimes she uses antique cake stands. Often she uses potted plants or potted flowers. One time she used a display of cupcakes as her centerpiece.

This year, I loved the potted plants in the center, with gold candle holders in between. The entire effect was so pretty and soft. …

For party gatherings, Debbie also always puts out a “party favor” for guests at each place setting. Here, for our Christmas brunch, she has jars of homemade granola wrapped in light green ribbon. One year she did stacks of three cookies, wrapped in cellophane with a bright ribbon at the top. At the wedding shower brunch, she did bridesmaids dress cookies.

It always looks so pretty and inviting and somehow always matches her table!

I learned once from a friend (who was great at entertaining) that the best-set table isn’t the one that necessarily has all the “right” forks and spoons set out or the proper drinking glasses. It’s the one that beckons you over and makes you want to sit and stay awhile.

Debbie’s tables are always like that.

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