Who Will You Be Watching at the Oscars?

I realize that how much you enjoy any given Oscars show is in direct proportion to how many of the movies you’ve seen. And, since Chris and I have had kids, our movie-going has waned considerably (unless you count movies like “Doug,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and any Pixar film). However, I’ve always enjoyed the Oscars.

In college, I had a friend who would drag me to every single “Best Picture” movie throughout January and February so we’d be ready at Oscar night to cheer the right one. Those were high-movie-watching, high-Oscar-enjoyment years.

And at The Register, we used to print out the ballots from the paper and run a huge Oscar pool. Which meant that, despite the fact I’d rarely seen any of the movies in those years (since my kids were just babies, and babysitters were expensive), I still loved the Oscars because I had money riding on everything. That made it fun to watch even if I haven’t seen the movies — suddenly I reeeeeeally cared who won for Cinematography!

These days, Chris and I tend to see at least three or four of the movies nominated, and now I “work” the Oscars — which really means I just man the phone from home while my colleague Mari is on the red carpet. She’s our entertainment reporter at Lifescript, and covers all the big entertainment events with her press passes. And I’m the social media editor, so, together, we’re on the phone all night, while I help her tweet out her observations and get her pictures up on our Twitter stream, Facebook fan page and the Health Bistro blog. She’s a lot of fun, and she makes awards nights very entertaining.

So this year, I’m paying attention again, and am excited about some of the movies because I’ve actually seen a couple!

This morning, in fact, I was reminded of our discussion here on the blog about Don Draper and other men who don’t really do it for me when I heard a few more women swooning over Colin Firth — he would have been a good one for that post, because I recognize that I’m out of step somehow with him. Every woman I know seems to love him, but I don’t get his appeal.

Anyway, what will you be doing Oscar night? Watching? Not watching? What movies or actors/actresses are you rooting for?

And, speaking of movies, don’t forget to list your favorite 3 of all time on this week’s 3 for Thursday (or at least the ones you’ve watched so many times you have the lines memorized!). I have to think of mine, too — I know one for sure.

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7 thoughts on “Who Will You Be Watching at the Oscars?

  1. I actually like watching how uncomfortable it gets when they cue the music for someone to stop rambling on in their acceptance speech. To me the Oscars is mor like a high school voting for class president. Mostly popularity, so as I was never popular in high school or in the movies, I enjoy the intrigue and infighting-because I’m not involved.
    They should have Charlie Sheen host!!!!

  2. I rarely watch the Oscars, but this year I just might do that. I am hoping Colin Firth wins it. I was blown away by “The King’s Speech”. He did a fantastic job in that. I/we are Colin Firth fans. Think he is a terrific actor. I am also rooting for “True Grit”. I think Jeff Bridges is another one of those great actors. I like everything he is in. I think he got a lot better now that he is older too. We saw The King’s Speech last week and are going to see True Grit this evening. Next on our list is The Fighter.
    Not having the other movies yet, I am thinking that Derek Jacobi as King George’s speech therapist should get the best supporting actor award.
    This is the first time in a long time I have actually been interested in how the Oscars come out.

  3. I will be watching. I like the red carpet the best though, I love seeing the actors in their own skin instead of as their character. I also like to see what everyone is wearing, of course!
    I am with you Laurie – I don’t see the draw to Colin Firth either. In fact, until you said it, I didn’t know there was one! I have seen several of the films he has been in, and he is a good actor. I think maybe people are attracted to his accent?! I do want to see “The Kings Speech”, but like you, I don’t see too many films. I usually wait until they are on disc.
    I think this year is going to be especially popular because of the hosts. The media has really been playing up the fact that “two young actors” will be carrying the show. I really like both of them, so I think it should be good!

  4. Colin Firth, Christian Bale (I loved Geoffrey Rush in King’s Speech, but Christian is my solid choice), and Melissa Leo. Fabulous performance, all. I usually try to see as many of the films up for Best Pic as possible, but didn’t get them all this year. I have not yet seen ANY of the films for which the entire category of Best Actress candidates have been nominated, sorry to say! (What was Winter’s Bone about?) While I enjoyed her solid performance, I am not sure Amy Adams’ is necessarily Oscar-worthy (her character rather, not the actress herself).

    I didn’t understand the big deal about Colin Firth, either. Until a few years ago over the New Years holiday. I had no plans one New Years eve, so went with a good friend up to the Berkeley area for a long, leisurely weekend. (My first time there—great food town! Ate at the Cheese Board among other places, and visited an old friend from high school in Alameda. That would be Keith of your Superman saga, I believe.)

    So, had an early dinner at Chez Panisse (the only seating this famed establishment had available by the time we called!), and spent a fun, low-key rest of the evening ringing in the new year at a small tapas bar next door called Cesar, co-owned by Jackson Browne, apparently.

    Anyway, fun New Year’s Eve. And the rest of the rainy weekend, we cooked simple pasta, made garlic bread from an amazing bakery, sipped a great, warming big red wine, and sat settled in to watch Colin Firth in the British production of Pride and Prejudice, replaying certain scenes over and over again, drawing the 6-hour production to a good 8 hours, I’m sure. That’s when I was converted.

    I think the scene where he’s just come out of the water is a bit over-hyped, although I do appreciate the subtlety and the sexual tension—and I confess, we played this scene over again at least 5 times. (Incidentally I just saw Piers Morgan interview Colin Firth in advance of the Oscar’s and his pending win for The King’s Speech, and he is funny at a loss trying to analyze what all the fuss is about, especially that scene. In true British style, his self-deprecating assessment is in part the fuel behind the fire. He remembers being particularly out of shape and can’t fathom it himself. Really funny to have caught that interview and that statement!) But watching the full story unfold, and watching the relationship played out between Firth and his female counterpart, was wonderful, moving, funny, and wrenching at times.

    Do see it! Then let me know what you think about Colin Firth the well-known British production of Pride and Prejudice. You’ll be a convert, too. I promise.

  5. C — Wow, Charlie Sheen as host! Talk about uncomfortable scenes. … Funny.

    Johnny and Debi — Yeah, I guess I should clarify that Colin Firth is definitely a great actor! What I don’t understand, though, is why women find him such a hearthrob. Merideth Vieria mentioned him the morning I wrote this and started to fan herself. And my book club friends all find him dreamy. I wonder if it’s because he played the role of Darcy awhile back in Pride and Prejudice? (I didn’t see it, so maybe that’s what I’m missing?) And didn’t he play the same type of role in Bridget Jones’ Diary? (And I think his last name was Darcy for a nod to the role?) I couldn’t see the appeal. But yes — it sounds like he’s a shoe-in for the oscar this year for his terrific acting. I definitely want to see The King’s Speech. Everyone I know who saw it loved it!

    Debi — Good point about seeing the actors in their own skin. That’s a great way of putting it. And the hosts, yes, should be different, although I think it helps to have a comedian. (I loved the year Billy Crystal hosted.) Although I wonder if, when there are comedians, there’s too much push and pull about writing the jokes? Anyway, should be interesting. …

    Come back Monday and tell me what you thought!

  6. Ah, Barbara, we were posting at the same time, so I didn’t see your answer until after I wrote mine, but yes — you probably pinned the Colin Firth mystery perfectly. I didn’t see that P&P performance (and certainly not the scene you describe!), so maybe that’s the missing puzzle piece for me. I also wish I saw that Piers Morgan interview.

    And wow, your Berkeley New Year’s Eve sounds fabulous!!!

  7. He’s also fairly tall. So–tall, dark, and handsome. There really is something to that cliche. (OR maybe I’m speaking for myself. But growing up in Southern California, everyone seems to be blonde, so dark has its appeal. I’ll never forget my first trip to New York. I came up the stairs out of the subway into the sunligh,t and everyone seemed dark and gorgeous.)

    I also saw Colin Firth recently in Inside the Actors Studio. (Looked a bit soft in the jowls, but he is close to 50 I think. And anyway, whose counting??) He was about as unpretentious as a person can be. Contemplative. Devoted to his wife. (Ironically, that trait of loyalty always adds to a man’s appeal as well. HA!)

    OK, will check in some time soon after the awards!

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