3 for Thursday: 3 Movies You’ve Watched So Much You Have Lines Memorized

I know my hubby has lots of these! Do you have lines memorized from certain favorite movies that you can recite right along with the actors? If so, please share! I think I can guess a few that might come up. …

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8 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Movies You’ve Watched So Much You Have Lines Memorized

  1. Ok now this is what life is all about–developing a skill that has absolutely no value whatsoever. I am the king of that!

    1-The Godfather I and II (I know, I know technically two movies but to us “Godfather diehards” we count them as one movie in two parts.)

    2-Raging Bull, some of the best lines ever!

    3-The Cotton Club, a highly underrated movie with some great lines!

    I could go on forever but I’d be embarrassed at showing the only thing I have a talent for. But man am I good at it!

  2. Steve A — Princess Bride???? That’s probably the only cult movie Chris HASN’T seen, but I’ve seen parts of it — always meant to watch it all the way through!

  3. Yup, Princess Bride. Absolutely love that film – and the title almost kept me from seeing it all those years ago…

  4. My kids are pros at this, they seem to know all the words to every movie after just once! I don’t know how they do that. As for me, I usually only watch a movie once so I don’t remember the lines – plots, yes, but lines, idk. I think Princess Bride is a must see – I can’t believe your kids didn’t watch that when they were younger, my kids love that movie! Well, me too- Billy Crystal and everyone is great! I knew Chris was going to put Raging Bull. I remember us all watching it and him quoting it back then! As for me…
    1 – Grease
    2 – Drop Dead Fred
    3 – I can’t think of another, ugh!
    I guess that’s all I got.

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