This Is Petey …


This is Petey, our rabbit. He belongs to Rene. On really hot days, she freezes giant 2-liter bottles of ice for him, and puts them in his cage. He just sits here, like this, with his paws up on the bottle, cooling himself off and looking at me through the kitchen window. … I’m sure he wishes he had A/C. …

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6 thoughts on “This Is Petey …

  1. Petey is such a cutey! I love rabbits and used to have 2 of them both presents from my boyfriend at the time. I had a female brown/white Dutch that I named Barzi (after bf’s last name) Bunny and a white Satin that I named Mr. Lawrence after the movie Lawrence of Arabia. He got to be 10 lbs and when I picked him up hed nustle under my hair on my neck. So cute!

  2. I have to confess to being very unsure when we about to get Petey, but he is so cute and so funny out there. We’ve all come to really enjoy his presence. I like his little “swamp cooler” out there. With our long summers he sure seems greatful that our Rene and Nathan keep him cool out there!
    Go Petey!

  3. Hi, Laura! Oh, your rabbits sound adorable! And I love their names, one after the boyfriend’s last name and one after Lawrence of Arabia! So fun! Petey has a long story with his name, too, that I will probably not remember right (Rene could tell it better), but he actually belonged to two other people before her, and he went through a series of names. But she went back to the original (I think???) name of “Petey.” She didn’t like it at first, but I told her it was like “Peter Cottontail” and then we all sort of got used to it!

  4. Hey, Superman! Yes, that’s true — none of us are super “pet people”! Well, except Rene! So, yeah, we were all unsure about having a rabbit. But, like you, I’ve grown sort of fond of Petey over the last year and half and find him rather amusing. The way he looks at me through the window is so funny. And I love his reaction when he sees or hears Rene — so happy and attentive to her!

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