The Agent Search Is On …

DSC_0585So now I’m in the next stage of writing a book — the one that comes after … well … writing the book. That part only took me three years [insert eye-roll here]. So I guess I’m hoping the next phase goes a bit more smoothly. But I hear war stories. I’m not counting on it.

Instead of counting on anything, or just sitting around and wishing, Superman and I trekked to Barnes and Noble, and I bought this gargantuan book with a bunch of agents’ names. Then I bought some of those cute little Post-It flag thingies to start marking agents that seem like a good match for me. I was pleased that many of the names were already familiar (because of reading all the writer blogs, and because of hearing people talk on Twitter). But I’m really at ground zero, here. So if anyone has any advice or tips, feel free to pass them along …

I also bought Writer’s Digest magazine, because I heard (again, on Twitter! How did we survive without Twitter again?) that last month’s Digest was the “Get an Agent” issue. And I heard it featured a cover story on “24 Agents Looking for New Writers.” Hmmm. That’s me.

So here we go … Onward. … Advice welcome. … Especially from writers who target Harlequin — are there certain agents who like to work with Harlequin? Any recommendations?

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7 thoughts on “The Agent Search Is On …

  1. I obviously can’t give give you much of any advice except to say that we will keep on plugging until somebody sees your skills/talent. If those agents are smart they will be fighting over you! If you could get ME to enjoy a romance book, well…you are an amazing writer Laurie and I’m positive that somebody is going to see that real quick. So let’s get going;I’ll buy the stamps on my way home!!!!

  2. Happy Hour Somewhere — Thanks so much, Kat! I promise you one of the first copies, since you (and others here) are so kind and patient as to listen to all my moanings and stories about the road to getting pubbed! ; )

    Superman — Thanks, my dear! And STAMPS??? What is this thing you call “stamps”? 🙂 Thanks for helping me even tonight. (Superman helped me find some sentences I needed for a query I’m preparing — he’s the best. …)

  3. Laurie,

    I don’t have any advice to give you, but I’d like to commend you on following your dream. It’s exciting for me because to see it unfold will be a thrill, and it reminds me that even though I’ve not embarked on a true career, there is still a world full of possibilities for me. It’s really inspiring. I know you’ve been writing your whole life, but a book is different. And even though I don’t know very well, I can honestly say I’m proud of you!

  4. Kwana — Thanks so much, my dear! Good luck to you, too! Too bad we’re looking for agents for different kinds of novels, or we could share a lot more info!

    Jeanne — Thank you, too! Gosh, what a nice thing to say. …

    Okay, with all this lovely support, I’d better get a move-on, huh? Off to get out my Post-It flags … (really, I kinda like to play with those!)

  5. I don’t have any advice either, I just am sending you all kinds of good wishes and prayers! I know you will get published, it is a great book, I loved every minute of it! (I like those post it flags too!)

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