BlogHer09 and My Blogging Identity Crisis

Girl on ComputerOh mine gooze-ness … (as my husband’s great-grandmother used to say) … BlogHer09 is in full swing right now in Chicago! A 3-day conference of cameraderie, blog topics, inspiration, ideas and (as I imagine it) some good times at the hotel lobby bar!

Ayeee …

Last week was a killer, with me wishing I could tap my ruby slippers and be transported to RWA09 (Romance Writers of America). And now this weekend sees another major annual event I’d really love to be at.

I guess I’ll have to start saving my pennies and set my sights on one or both for next year, eh? : )

Anyway, I blogged about BlogHer09 over at Health Bistro today. Some of the famous bloggers I’ve got lined up to guest blog for us at Health Bistro (such awesome women!) are going to be at the conference giving workshops, so I wanted to send out some hellos.

Of course, all of this makes me think of my own blog and feel a bit of an identity crisis. Sometimes I go along fine, blogging away, then other times I screech to a halt and think “what am I DOING? … this is so BORING! … who CARES about any of this stuff?” and then I can’t write for days.

So I’ve been having one of those weeks, I guess. …

How about you? Do you have momentary identity crises as a blogger? Should I just “get over it” and carry on? (*grin*) I’d also love to know what works for you and what doesn’t on my blog — posts too long? nix the Wordless Wednesday? too much book stuff? too little? Let me know. … I’d be amazingly grateful.

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11 thoughts on “BlogHer09 and My Blogging Identity Crisis

  1. I just combined my two blogs so I could get rid of one. I was TOTALLY having a crisis–feeling way to split-brained. Had to bring myself bak together! Still not sure where it’s all headed. 🙂

  2. Hi, Becky! Oh my gosh, yes, splitting two blogs would make it even crazier! Glad you found a solution to that. Are you thinking of just having two “topic categories” on your blog, so readers can look at whichever topic they’re most interested in? (I’m picturing this as folders on the side or tabs at the top).

  3. I tend to be more random than that–that’s what I really enjoy. So I’ll try to throw in something helpful to the mix, but it’ll be lots of what’s going on with my writing stuff, too.

  4. This happens to me all the time. I’ve learned to only blog when something hits and hits good. Otherwise I try to hard and end up posting something utterly ridiculous, and not in a funny or entertaining way.

    One month I blogged over 40 times, the next I don’t even think I hit 10 times. I just go with it.

  5. Oh my – you’re blogs are NEVER boring and we do care about what you have to say! I always find you’re thoughts so interesting and amusing. Each morning reading of your blog and comments is one of the first things I do. Keep it up, MizWrite! 🙂

  6. I don’t have time to read too many blogs but I make time for yours as it makes me smile and ponder. I am not into writing but I enjoy reading your progress with your novel and the process you go thru to get to the next chapter.
    I love the stories of your family and that makes remember all wonderful times with my family.
    So, please know that you bring smiles to every one in my household with your stories and we get to laugh again about our memories that I write back to you.
    I also share your Wordless Wednesdays with my husband because the pictures are really great.
    So, keep up the good work and continue to share your wonderful family stories.

  7. Crystal — Yes, this “hit or miss” nature is a difficulty of blogging, no? I actually always have the ideas — I just often don’t have the time! Too many late nights already of working on the novel, or writing too much at work all day, and by evening I’m pretty spent. I’ve been trying to do three times a week plus Wordless Wednesday, which has been a decent sked for me, except. … well, this week! Ack! Sometimes I fall off the plan.

    M. and Debbie C. — Thank you both so much. Makes me feel good that people do, indeed, want to read those certain things, so that’s good feedback, and I’ll keep up with those. And thanks for showing your hubby the WW pics, Debbie C! How cool. I’ll continue. … Thanks!

  8. I do not blog or read many others – but I do enjoy yours! Maybe it’s because we were childhood friends, idk – but I love reading everything you write! 🙂

  9. Hi, Debi! Thanks so much! I still feel like I’m a bit all over the place with topics, but maybe that’s a good thing, eh? I’ll talk myself into calling it “variety”! It’s so amazing that here we are chatting on a blog a full 30 YEARS after we first met (…gulp … did I type that correctly?? … 30 years???)

  10. “Variety” sounds perfect 🙂 And yes, it has been 30 yrs….It is so hard to beleive that it has been that long! I have noticed that you still are in contact with other people from “back then” as well (Libby, Parv, Debbie,etc) – that is so great! I wish I hadn’t lost contact and could have been enjoying our 30 yr. friendship instead of rekindling it! It is amazing though, I love to see what you write next!

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