Secret Society of List Addicts: Unite!

I’m in a link-love mood tonight, so I’m throwing out a little love to the Secret Society of List Addicts. …

Now, I don’t know about you, but any blog with the phrase “list addict” is going to get my attention. I’m a frenetic list-maker (the 27 Post-it notes strewn across my desk should convince any nay-sayers), and I can hardly imagine life without an endless series of lists: things to do, calls to make, e-mails to return, home improvements to tackle, gifts to buy, books to read, birthdays coming up, things to get at Target, things to get at the grocery store, places I want to go, possible weekend getaways, etc., etc. … The list (of lists) goes on. ….

But the fine ladies at the “secret society” have converted what feels like a crazy compulsion into something … well … fun. They’ve put together a blog that’s lovely to look at, fun to read, and really makes you appreciate some of the finer things in life – like your favorite album cover titles or the silly traditions you create with your significant other. Their list of “Things I Love About My Home Town” really made me think of all the loveable things about Placentia (the water tower, Rosa’s pizza, the 1920s adobe homes, the Bradford house, the old Music Plus, etc. …) and it just gave my heart a little lift for the rest of the day. And the list of “Things At My Desk” made me think about how all the little things you surround yourself with can really add up to tell quite a story about you …

So go on over and check them out! I think I’m going to have to join the society myself. I wonder if they’ll give me one of those cool little blog buttons. … (I’ll add that to my list of things to do today.)

What about you? Are you a list-maker? Give me a list of your lists. …

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0 thoughts on “Secret Society of List Addicts: Unite!

  1. I have resisted lists and list making my entire life. Then I get involved with Laurie who is compulsive about list making. For over 25 years she has been cajoling me to make out lists for all kinds of things; jeez, next she’ll want me to read instructions and ask directions!!!!
    Sadly I have to admit that I have relented, and you know it does help. Who would have thunk it?
    I just hate admitting that she was right, but like most other things in the past 25 years she is!
    Thanks Laurie; now I can cross this comment off my list…

  2. Laurie,
    I think it’s another NorCal/SoCal type thing! In OC, lists ruled. Lived by ’em! In God’s Country, I don’t need them. I’m not sure why — but I’m not juggling kids and multiple things. I write all my appointments on my low tech calendar on my desk. I guess, although I’m busy, my life is much simpler now. One handy tip: When I have leftover lunch or something I’ve picked up at the store, I put it in the office fridge and put my car keys in the bag. Impossible to forget. But that doesn’t count as a list, does it? Have you seen the Web site that is full of grocery store lists? It’s a riot. Someone has just collected them and scanned them in. And people submit. Google it.

  3. Hi, Dixie! Somehow, I think I would even keep lists in “God’s Country”! (hmmm … “Go to farmers market … find gorgeous produce … enjoy beautiful scenery … stare out window for five minutes for divine inspiration … inhale fresh, clean scent of pine trees …” Maybe something like that?) You’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful, relaxing place. I’ll probably follow you up there someday. Thanks for the tip on the grocery lists! I’ll look for that …

  4. Okay……this is pretty funny to write to, and about, people who also need to make lists.
    “My name is Arlene….and I’m a list maker”.
    My MAIN reason for making lists is that I can’t remember two things unless I write them down. It’s very frustrating to me to try to remember pretty simple things. Maybe a sign of things to come? So I decided to make lists. Well, that started me on a collection of various post-a-notes, tablets, note cards, and calendars large enough to write in the daily squares. Besides the usual grocery lists, or birthday lists, or daily “to-do” lists, I write lists of books I need to buy, craft store project needs, traveling plans, songs/performers/movies I like, prescriptions I take, but have trouble remembering, and just names of people or things that I need to remember. The trouble starts when I can’t remember where I axactly put that name.
    When I think of my Mom, who lived to be 100, with a really sharp memory for names and years and dates, I just wonder what happened to me. Thank God for Post-a-notes. Arlene

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