Countdown to the Super Bowl

football-hashmarksSome people may shake out their Steelers jerseys. Others may scan the position breakdowns. Others may scour sports blogs or review point spreads. But I do none of these things. I have more important things to deal with: like what type of chips I should bring and whether I should chop or mince the onions for the artichoke dip. …


Here’s my own personal Super Bowl countdown:


  • 4 days before: Review complicated process for buying betting squares; discuss with coworkers; decide to buy two squares, even though my money would probably be better spent on the artichoke dip.
  • 3 days before: Double-check with sister-in-law about what she wants me to bring to the party. E-mail Lauran from the book club to get the mac-in-cheese recipe that I will probably be asked to bring.
  • 2 days before: Pick up brother-in-law at John Wayne airport. Note that he misses Christmas; he misses Thanksgiving; but he never misses a Super Bowl with his brothers.
  • 1 day before: Scour the e-vite sis-in-law sent to find out who the players are. Skip names like Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger; look instead for party guest names. (Did you really think I cared who the quarterbacks were? Stay with me, here, people. …)
  • Day of: Ask my son (for the fourth time) who exactly is playing again? File into brain the fact that the Phillies is a baseball team, not a football team. Stand in kitchen with brother-in-law while he makes gumbo and manage to not bring up once that I don’t even know what state the teams will be playing in. Scoop up chip bags, artichoke dip, mac-and-cheese, and gumbo into car with hubby/ kids/ bro-in-law and head toward fun guests and great conversation at Super Bowl party. Have great time. …


What about you? What does your big countdown entail?



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0 thoughts on “Countdown to the Super Bowl

  1. I just know that I have to drive to the superbowl party, and then just watch the game. My brothers and I put each other down on who is really a fan of whichever team is winning, and we always question each other’s manhood for no good reason.
    Laurie is really good about just expecting me to drive and have fun watching the game and hanging out with my family. She never asks me to do much of anything on Superbowl Sunday! Now THAT is a good wife!

  2. I never knew anything about the Super Bowl until I moved to Northern Cal 10 years ago. It is a religion here. There are multiple parties and it’s usually triage to decide which one to attend. Now I am into it! (Laurie, you want the beloved underdogs, the Cardinals) It’s played in Florida. We’re hosting a party this year because
    1. It won’t snow, the weatherman says
    2. We have a 50 inch TV
    I refuse to have guests bring anything..I’m having a party — you shouldn’t have to cook! I’m sure there will be betting on large and small things, even commercials.I’ll figure out the menu Saturday morning, but I know it will include a spiral sliced ham. My Kauai grandson, Ryan, 15, is going to the Super Bowl with his dad and playing in the NFL golf tourney! ($1,000 fee) Now I follow some football — isn’t that funny?

  3. Thanks, Chris! That was a good summation!

    Hey, Dixie — Yes, very funny that you’ve become a football fan, because I can’t picture that at ALL! (I never thought of you as a sports gal!) But your party sounds great. Can we come??? : ) That’s so neat that your grandson is going — and doing the golf tourney! And of course you don’t ask anyone to cook — you’re the Entertaining Queen!

  4. Well the only two things i noticed in this blog was artichoke dip & mac-n-cheese.

    The thing i look forward to is getting together with everyone, chatting & watching the commercials. Still nobody has told me who is playing. But regardless my son is wearing a Chargers jersey that day. He thinks it’s Cowboys though. :-/

    I’m hungry!

    See ya sunday!

  5. Hey, now, Geraldine — is that supposed to be a slam on my parenting skills? Just because I lied to my son and told him he was wearing a Cowboys jersey when he was three instead of the Chargers one he was really donning. …. hmmm …. : )

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