Next Phase: Radiation

radiation-day-1-11-18-16Whew! Well, it’s been a long wait. After a series of minor complications, I’m finally moving into the next phase of post-chemo, post-lumpectomy care — radiation.

I took this picture as I was walking in, Day 1, Nov 18.

It will be daily, for seven weeks, so it’ll go on throughout the holidays and will take me through the new year.

But the good news is that the treatments are super-duper fast (about 15 mins max). And the side effects are supposed to be minimal — maybe some fatigue as time goes on, plus maybe some sunburned feeling.

But I’m┬áready to do this and just get it over with! Here we go …

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2 thoughts on “Next Phase: Radiation

  1. I will be praying you through your daily doses of radiation this next 7 weeks, Laurie. I hope the discomfort is minimal to none. I know you’ll handle this next phase with flying colors!

  2. You’re SO CLOSE to being DONE! I am thrilled for you and will be praying for you during these last seven weeks. I’m glad that you’ll have the holidays to help distract you and to bring you lots of cheer.
    Carrie Chambers┬┤s last blog post ..SeaWorld, Round 2

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