My First Industry Review for TEN GOOD REASONS! (also entitled The Second Time My Heart Stopped Beating for a Second)

So I guess it never stops. Your mouth goes dry each time. Because my first industry review came in for TEN GOOD REASONS, and just like it did for the first book, my heart started racing.

I suppose this will always happen. Because you send it out there, and you love it, and you HOPE everyone loves it, but until you start hearing from everyone (anyone, really), you just don’t know.

And this book had the added pressure of being the SECOND, which has to be at least as good as the first, but not too similar, but not too different, and have some of the same characters, but not too many, and have the same setting, but not described in exactly the same way, and have some of the same writing-style and voice as the first, but not identical, and … well, you get the idea. Pressure. Lots.

So it was with great trepidation that I read my first review (it was from Kirkus). It’s here: Kirkus Reviews: Ten Good Reasons.

And it was with great relief that I finished reading it. (Breathing commenced!)

Drinking should have probably commenced also, because I had to read this part a couple of times:

Christopher’s second novel is a polished and accomplished success with a terrific mix of romantic chemistry, sexual tension and a touching emotional journey. … A smart, poignant contemporary romance from an author to watch.

An “author to watch”? Me??? I can’t even believe this stuff is written about me. It feels like they’re talking about someone else.

The Kirkus review was introduced in another article by Bobbi Dumas, who writes about romance, and she lumped me with some established romance icons who I admire, and she called the book “sexy and smart.” (Squeeeeeeee!) Her article is here: Beach Reads in Winter | Kirkus.

Dang, once I pick myself up off the floor, I’ll try to figure out if writers ever get used to this — the pressure, the nervousness, the heart-racing, the relief, and the strange oddity of seeing public reviews of your writing.

(I’m guessing not.)

But at least now I can go back to writing the next book! (Breathing properly, and with just an iota more energy.)

Thank you all for listening. …

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2 thoughts on “My First Industry Review for TEN GOOD REASONS! (also entitled The Second Time My Heart Stopped Beating for a Second)

  1. I think it was worth every good word, and for more then 10 Good Reasons 🙂
    I loved it, and I’m sure 99% of everyone else will too..Hang in there while the rest of the reviews come through. And keep writing # 3, can’t wait to read it ..

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