The Stockings Are Hung by the Chimney with … Caution Tape???

Yep, the stockings are hung by the chimney with … er … uh … caution tape. Or right next to the caution tape, anyway. And the pretty exposed cement.


I realized I wasn’t going to get around my house of destruction this year, so I just decorated around it!

What do you think? Does it work anyway?


Now the tree is another matter. We haven’t put that up yet. We’re still trying to figure out what to do there. Too much furniture is now stuffed into the living room, and the den is still complete chaos. So my gifts, as I wrap them, are still sitting in my upstairs hallway waiting for a location:


I just keep piling them in the hallway for now!

This may be a “crowded” Christmas this year — and may involve lots of exposed drywall and beams and sawdusty-smell and exposed cement — but I’m decorating, dang it! It’s my favorite time of year!

How is your decorating going? Am I the last person to get a tree up? Does anyone still put their tree up on Christmas Eve????

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4 thoughts on “The Stockings Are Hung by the Chimney with … Caution Tape???

  1. Our condo is being remodeled on the outside — our cement balconies are being jackhammered off and new ones will be put on starting in February. To protect the window and sliding glass door, plywood has been nailed up from the outside. so our living room is a CAVE with absolutely NO outside light. I had to take everything off of the walls and move anything that was remotely delicate, so this place is barren! It was all I could do to put a tree up in this chaos, but I was determined to decorate, just like you. So it’s not how it looks, it’s the spirit of the season that matters! So make some paper chains to outline the tree, maskng tape to hold up the lights and stick them all up on the wall if you have to. It will be the Christmas that you most remember in 20 years!!!!

  2. Oh, boy, Helene, that sounds much worse! NO LIGHT??? That would make me crazy. But I love that you’re decorating anyway! And your idea about the “tree” on the wall sounds fun! LOL! You’re so right, though — it’s the spirit of it all, and it WILL probably be the one we most remember! Okay, off to find some masking tape. … (Or maybe DUCT tape will really make it complete!!! LOL)

  3. Wow, Helene, you rock, go for it..True meaning right there. It is the spirit. Both of you go for it and have the best time!!!
    Its not what it all looks like that matters, its the time together that matters..and like it was stated, it will be the most remembered more than likely, and it might even be the best one yet 🙂 so enjoy it!!

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