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And the Launch Party continues! Friends from all over are sending me their pics of buying my book in Barnes and Noble, and it’s so much fun to see. (The above represents Boise, ID; Springfield, VA; Escondido, CA; Fullerton, CA and more.) Giveaways and celebrations are still going on, so here’s where you can catch some prizes:

Penguin Beach Bag: Berkley-Penguin is giving away a Penguin tote bag, a copy of Lorelie Brown’s RIDING THE WAVE (also a surfer story!), a copy of my THE RED BIKINI, a Penguin water bottle, and sunscreen (all the fixings for a perfect day at the beach) to four lucky winners over the next two weeks. How do you play? You can come to any of these places where Lorelie and I are blogging together and enter at any spot any time:

  • Top 10 surfer movies — Lorelie and I are listing our Top 10 surfer movies and which ones inspired our heroes Fin and Tanner on The Delighted Reader blog here. There’s one surf film that we both picked — can you guess which one it is?
  • Interview with the Gals – Come learn more about Lorelie and I at The Book Reading Gals blog. We talk about what inspired us to write about surfers and who we based Tanner Wright and Fin Hensen on. That interview is here.
  • “California Dreamin’” playlists – Lorelie and I will be on A Bookish Escape sharing the playlists we used to write the sun and surf of California. That post is here.
  • Five Favorite Beaches — Lorelie and I count down our five favorite beaches each. I named all Orange County beaches that are my favorites. (OC peeps, did I forget some key ones? It was hard to name just five!) That post is here.

Beach Bag filled with 5 Hot Summer Books!: I’m teaming up with four other contemporary romance authors to give away hot summer reads, bookstore gift cards, and fun-in-the-sun goodies on Facebook. The grand prize is a hot-pink beach bag filled with 1 copy of each of our five books, plus some summer swag. The event takes place on July 9 from 2-6 PST/5-9 EST, and you can play for 5 minutes or 4 hours from your computer or phone. You can join here by clicking “join” and we’ll send you more info when it starts —“Beach Blanket Books” Giveaway! 

Come win some books!

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  1. Thanks for the cross promo! Loved having you ladies visit The Delighted Reader.

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