What Book 3 Is About

So I’m having fun writing Book 3 now. It started out a little rocky, because I was panicking that I was so far behind, and the panic was giving me a little writer’s block. But once I got the “hmmm” of approval from my agent (which became a “This is great” after she read the first chapter), I’m ready to roll.

I’m on Chapter 6 now, and it’s getting to the fun point. This is where I scoot downstairs in my bathrobe really early to write in the quiet of the morning. I race home to work on the ms during my lunch hour. On Saturdays, I tell the family to go have fun and spend hours at my computer instead, creating new lives.

It’s the awakening, revealing first draft, where the characters still surprise me every day. Honestly, I never know what they’re going to say or do, so every day is like cracking the book open myself and reading anew.

This one’s about the youngest McCabe sister, Lia, who’s a fast-talking marketing exec who tends to like the finer things in life. But when she comes across a scruffy, bearded, long-haired ex-Coast Guard — and talks him into running a whale-watching boat for her — things get pretty interesting.

These two are a lot of fun. …

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6 thoughts on “What Book 3 Is About

  1. I’m confused. What was book 2 about? In your “Currently Writing” section of your blog, you state that book 2 is about Lia. Did you switch the two books around? What are the two books about that you sold?
    Carrie´s last blog post ..There’s No Place Like Home

  2. Carrie — Hi! Yes, I realize this numbering thing is sort of silly on my part and doesn’t make sense to anyone but me. I called this “Book 3” in this post, but only because it’s the third one I’m writing. (It’s not the third one in the series.) So in MY mind it’s “Book 3”! And it’s the one about Lia. But I’m going to have to come up with a better naming convention soon.

    Stay tuned. … 🙂

  3. Thanks, Debi — You’re such an awesome beta reader, I hope I can keep you on my “beta read” list and hope you’ll read it!

    I do want to get Earning Wings out there. I do love that story (love Adam!). It seems like my agent and new editor are particularly interested in seaside settings right now, so currently we’ve planned a series all set on the Southern California coast. But I’m saving Adam’s story for maybe a future series set in the California mountains? I already have a synopsis written for a follow-up about Adam’s brother Noel, which I’d LOVE to write! Those Mason brothers had a fun backstory.

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