Pre-Nationals: The Golden Heart Finalists’ Meet-Up

(Maybe this should be called “The Firebirds take over P.F. Changs’ patio.”)

Tuesday night before RWA Nationals, The Firebirds got together at P.F. Changs in Anaheim. It was so fun to match Facebook avatars and pen names to real faces and real names! I kept walking up to everyone, staring for about half a minute, and then yelling “Debbie!” like I was some contestant on a television game show. I’m sure I looked like an insane person.

It was great fun, though, and a terrific chance to meet everyone in person.

(Next I’ll try to memorize what category everyone writes. …)

Next up (tomorrow) is The Golden Network, a retreat for all Golden Heart finalists from all years, plus the literacy signing and more. …

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