We Found Our Jamie Fraser!

UPDATE, August 2014: This post was originally written in May 2012 before Diana Gabaldon had real plans to bring Outlander to the small screen, so this was all simply fun speculation about who should play Jamie Fraser if a movie were ever made. In reality, now, of course, the book is being brought to STARZ with the verra sexy Sam Heughan playing Jamie. (And very well, at that!) But if you want to hear our own musings two years ago, read on:


Okay, call off the dogs. We found him.

We’ve found our Jamie Fraser.

It’s been a long, ongoing debate in the romance community: Who will play Jamie Fraser for any upcoming movie of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander?  We’ve discussed it here on my blog, in fact, with 34 excellent comments and suggestions.

The reason it’s such a hot debate is that Diana Gabaldon has written one of the most popular heroes of all time. Outlander remains one of the top five romances in every list I’ve seen. And everyone loves Jamie.

So it’s a tall order to find the absolute perfect man to play him: Jamie is Scottish, so you need the accent. He’s tall and muscular, so you need size. He’s young (22), so that’s a challenge. He has long, light-colored hair and light eyes in the book. Some actors are tall enough but too dark. Or light and muscular enough, but no accent. Or large enough and blond, but too old. Or have the accent, but too short. … The debate goes on and on.

But I think I found him!

We just got back from seeing “The Avengers” the other night. …

(So you know who I’m going to say, right?)

Chris Hemsworth!

He’s an absolute perfect Jamie. His accent is a little off (British Oops. Eileen has told me he’s Australian), but he can act, so I’m sure he can fib the Scottish thing. His “Thor” hair is perfect. He’s nearing 30, which is a bit old for Jamie, but he has a bit of a baby face when he wants to, so he’ll be good for a few more years.

He’s so ideal for the role, in fact, I had to go back and scan the comments I got on my post, and — sure enough — someone DID recommend him, toward the bottom. (Good job, “Lisa”!) She even included a video.

And Diana Gabaldon herself had been doing imaginary “casting” on her Facebook page in April, so I went back and checked that, and sure enough, Chris made the cut there, too! (Here’s Diana’s FB page.)

So I know I’m not the only one who was dumbfounded by how ideal he is. And now we can all see Chris Hemsworth act in Thor and The Avengers and see for ourselves!

Whaddaya think, Jamie fans?

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11 thoughts on “We Found Our Jamie Fraser!

  1. Actually Chris is Australian. So his facility with accents is already a proven thing!

    I do so love Gabaldon’s books. I just worry that ANY movie will not be ablt to live up to the wonderfullness that has existed in my imagination for this story.

  2. Oh, is he Australian, Eileen? I’ll fix that in the copy! I couldn’t tell from The Avengers, I guess!

    And yes, you’re right — just casting the right Jamie wouldn’t necessarily mean the book would live up to our imaginations. Some books are better left alone, perhaps. 🙂

  3. I have to agree with you about Chris .. I have felt this way for some time .. he even looks better with darker hair as in Snow White And The Huntsman .. Chris Is Jamie Fraser.

  4. I’ve just watched Snow White and the Huntsman and the entire way through couldn’t stop from thinking “Jamie Fraser” He was perfect, right build, about the right age, blue eyes and the nose. With a little work on the Scottish accent he would be the total Highland warrior package!

  5. I was so relieved and then excited to find others out there that also think Chris would be a perfect Jamie. It’s such an important character that has to live up to the highest possible expectations out there. I think this makes twilight casting issues insignificant compared to Claire and Jamie. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they did this series right. I can only dream.

  6. Haha, I just had that same epiphany and googled to see if the role was cast yet. I agree, Hemsworth would make a great Jamie!

  7. YES! Oh my goodness 20 times yes! He is perfect for the role….almost exactly the man I imagined for the book (minus the fact Jamie has red- auburn hair). But yes, hands down!

  8. Hi -saw Chris Hemsworth in snow white and thought “that’s Jamie Fraser” and wondered if anyone else felt the same. Just found your site and was thrilled that quite a lot of fans hinm feel the same way! Can we PLEASE cast him before he is too old and get this movie made already!!!!

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