THHS “Flash Mob” Dance – 2011

The Trabuco Hills graduating class of 2011 did a great “flash mob” dance at the graduation ceremony. They made us wanna¬†…. (Shout!)
Kick our heels up and (Shout!)
Throw our hands up and (Shout!)…

Congrats, Class of 2011! You guys are awesome.

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3 thoughts on “THHS “Flash Mob” Dance – 2011

  1. That is cool that they did that! Congratulations to Ricky and to you and Superman! It is such a weird feeling seeing your first child graduate and realizing that everything is about to change. My youngest is going to be a senior next year and I am already starting to freak out a little, only one more year and they are all out of the house =(

  2. Cool!! Very fun.

    Congratulations to Ricky! I’m excited for you guys, too, because this is a great new chapter…

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