3 for Thursday: 3 TV Shows You Never Miss

Ah, this one is just for my honey! He’s a TV nut and has a whole list of “can’t miss” shows. (And trust me, I’ve gotten sucked into many a Bravo marathon and HBO series along with him!)

For me, my No. 1 can’t-miss show is “Mad Men,” hands down. I look forward to that season every year. I’m also a “Housewives” addict, so I’d have to put that second (especially OC and Beverly Hills, although I really love them all). Third place is a huge tie between “Hung” (when it was on),  “Modern Family” and “Friday Night Lights,” and but I’ll also watch “Celebrity Apprentice” if I’m intrigued by the contestants. 

(Whew! That’s a lot of TV watching, huh?)

Now yours:

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4 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 TV Shows You Never Miss

  1. Hi my name is Debi and I watch American Idol! Ok, there I said it!! My kids got me watching that and Survivor when they first started and even though they no longer watch with me…I still don’t miss either one of those. I am also hooked on showtimes Dexter and Weeds! I have other shows that I watch too, but I already sound like I watch way too much!!

  2. 1-Celebrity Apprecntice
    2-The Biggest Loser
    3-The Voice

    Although I am behind at least one episode on all of these… Can never seem to find the time to watch 🙂

  3. 1-Mad Men
    3-Real Housewives. In order…
    *Orange County
    *Beverly Hills
    *New Jersey
    *New York

  4. These are great answers! I wish we could all watch TV together and heckle the screen! : ) Debi, I love “Weeds” also. I’ve never seen “Dexter” but heard it’s addicting. And American Idol — I have seen some seasons, but I realize there’s this point where you need to be “captured” by it or else it’s easy to miss the whole season. I watched some this season, but once Paul was voted off, I lost interest! I thought he had a cool voice.

    M. — Yes, “The Voice” is a good one. I’ve only managed to catch it twice, but both times I really loved it. I’ll have to try to record that one or something. And “The Biggest Loser” seems great, but I’ve only caught a couple of shows at the ends of their seasons. I’ll have to try to watch a whole season sometime. The transformations are really phenomenal!

    C — Ah, I forgot about your “Entourage” addiction. But I’ll watch the other two with you! : )

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