Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope you all have fun long-weekend plans in store — anyone doing anything fun? Traveling? Or just relaxing?

I’m still scrapbooking the 90th birthday book! And Rene and I have our paint cans out — ready to repaint some bedrooms — but not entirely sure if we’ll get to that. …


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2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!!!

  1. Happy Friday to you too! I will be editing I hope. No school next week so I’m hoping to get rid of the kids for the weekend at least.
    Still waiting to hear back from colleges. Eek! Are you all settled?

  2. Hey, Kwana — Good luck on the editing! Your kids are off all this next week? Wow, with all the snow days, too? Hard to edit when kids are around, but good luck anyway! : )

    And colleges — We haven’t heard anything yet. We’re hoping for word in March and April. Waiting is so hard.

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