Photos from ‘How I Met Superman’

I’m posting the last entry of  “How I Met Superman” on (or near) Valentine’s Day, because that’s when it happened. (Or … “near” anyway!) Plus I don’t have anything else planned for Valentine’s Day on the blog, and that fits the bill. … 

In the meantime, for today’s post, I tried to hunt up a few photos, since a few of you asked for them. The ones I’m looking for I couldn’t find, actually. In the last entry (in comments), I was saying that the first photo I remember us taking together was at Cathy E’s going away party (do you remember that, M?). I KNOW I’ve seen a group photo from then, so I assume that’s the first photo of me and Chris together. I have a small photo of us from that same event, sitting together on a picnic table, but it’s not very good (we’re not looking at the camera). So I’ll keep looking for that other one.  

In the meantime, I hunted up these:

This is one of Chris sitting at the bar in my parents’ house (same bar where I was making the Valentine roses), so I thought this was a great one. This is how I remember him:


Great smile, Sanchez.

(But man, I’m totally distracted by my parents’ decorating! Is that plaid wallpaper?? I forgot we had that. And is that a rattan hanging lamp in that corner??? Ayeee. I’ll have you know, their house looks gorgeous now. This must have been when my mom was still in her ’70s decorating stage. Or probably they just didn’t have money to re-decorate yet because they had us three kids to pay for. … I sympathize now. ….)

Anyway, that’s adorable Chris with his great smile and his cute sweater. (I forgot that he used to wear those all the time.) And he always had a watch on. He’s always been into watches.

This next one is both of us, and it’s not exactly when the story takes place, but close. It’s probably a year later, because I have my braces off. (I didn’t mention I had braces, huh?)  But I laughed when I saw it because I’m still wearing those ribbons in my hair! I told you I wore ribbons in my hair, and I wasn’t kidding. Apparently, I gave it extra flair on this particular evening with some baby’s breath. Must’ve been because of the festivity of the Winter Formal. Egads. 

Anyway, here’s us, Winter Formal:

White tuxedo, Sanchez???? (Actually, as I recall, almost everyone wore white to Winter Formal.)

Anyway, those pictures were fun to reminisce over. … I’ll keep looking for the others. …

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11 thoughts on “Photos from ‘How I Met Superman’

  1. I love the old photos cause that’s how I remember you too!! I had to laugh because all I saw when I first looked at Chris’ picture was the wall paper also – I didn’t remember your house being plaid either! Then again, we were usually outside or in your room =) I have a few photos from when I came to visit that one summer and I also found some you sent me of you and Chris when you were in College. I will have to scan them and email them to you also, just for giggles!

  2. I remember his winter formal attire and I am trying to remember, but didn’t he wear sneakers with that formal? Brand new ones?

  3. Wow, I can’t believe we actually that young once!
    You, Laurie, as always look so beautiful!
    I hope you can find more fotos, those are fun to look at!

  4. Lovin the old photos !!! you 2 look great … lovin the baby’s breath!!! I am sure that plaid wallpaper fit in with all the rest of our houses… everyone had plaid ! I guess I am glad the white tuxedo hasn’t come around again… at Ryann’s winter formal, most of the boys wore the black pants & black shirt with a tie uniform. The pic I remember most form Cathy’s going away party was all the girls in a little cheer pyramid like thing… funny ! and that fun party we had for her out at Craig Park in Brea…. fun times !! I wonder if I can dig up some old pics to scan…. hmmmmm…….

  5. Love these pics! I do remember that party as well and the pics, too. I’ll have to see if I can dig up the old pics, too… Ah – a stroll down memory lane 🙂

  6. going back to the white tux, I believe it was white high tops sneakers (Vans?) and red laces…..

  7. Aw. you guys look so good together. You both look very happy too. The look on Chris’ face says something like, “yeah, look what I got!” and you can almost see the anticipation in your faces about that night. How awesome, Laurie! Bet the kids love to look at those pic’s.

  8. Thanks, all! Wow, Dad (Johnny), I don’t recall the white sneakers, but I wouldn’t be surprised. (Because what else would he have worn, huh? Do they make white dress shoes??? Chris, weigh in here???)

    And Barbara — Yes, my dress was pale lavender. I borrowed this dress, actually, from the friend in Newport who, earlier in this story, is the one who came to visit and talked me right out of Patrick! She and I borrowed dresses back and forth because we went to different high schools. (We lived far enough away that no students would ever see the same dress on both of us, but close enough that borrowing was just a drive away!)

  9. Patti — Yes, the kids love these pics, especially as they near (and then — gasp — pass!) the same ages we are in the pictures. Rene right now, in fact, is almost the age I am in this picture.

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