Great Gift for Harley Riders: A Motorcycle Bell

Some call it a “gremlin bell,” “motorcycle bell” or “guardian bell,” but regardless of what you call them, these little metal bells that attach to the body of your motorcycle serve the same purpose: They’re supposed to keep your motorcycle rider safe anytime he’s on the road.

They derive from a legend — that of “Evil Road Spirits” that rise from the bumpy pavement and latch themselves to motorcycles, causing all kinds of mischief and mechanical problems. The legend goes on to say that by dangling a small bell from the bike, the Evil Road Spirits become trapped inside, and the constant ringing drives them insane. The Evil Road Spirits will “lose their grip” and fall into to the pavement.

Legend also states that a motorcycle bell has twice as much power when it’s purchased by a friend or loved one and given as a gift. (I think it might have three times as much power if purchased by a fellow motorcycle rider, but my honey will have to do with two times as much power for now!)

So, to keep Superman safe, I got him one for his birthday. I made my choice from the awesome selection at Guardian™ Bell. His says “Live to Ride” on one side and “Ride to Live” on the other. I just love it.

And now I notice the bells on other motorcycles and Harleys when we see them parked.

If you have a motorcycle rider in your life whom you love, it makes a great gift!

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