Women’s Conference Weekend!

Going to Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference for work, so I’ll be MIA for a bit, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves. … 🙂

Also, feel free to revisit our conversation about Halloween costumes and pumpkin recipes — there were lots of great ideas added in comments! (If you haven’t gone back to read all the comments, please do.) And feel free to send the link to friends who might have recipes/costume ideas to share with us as well. …

I didn’t have time to make the pumpkin empanadas this weekend, but I printed out the recipe and bought some of the ingredients (including the pumpkin puree — remember last year it was so impossible to find?!?! I’m stocking up!). I hope to make the empanadas one evening this week. Nathan is so excited. It’s his birthday this week, and the kid requested pumpkin pie instead of cake!

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2 thoughts on “Women’s Conference Weekend!

  1. Have fun at the conference! Oh and tell Nathan Happy Birthday! Another fellow scorpion – what day is his birthday?

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