Giving up Diet Coke

So I’m trying to give up Diet Coke. This is not easy for me, since I drink about four or five a day … and have since I was a teenager. (egads!)

I need the morning one for the caffeine (or maybe the first two), and then the rest are sort of habit, really. To be honest, I don’t even really love the taste anymore. I think drinking them is a habit more than anything.

But lately, I’ve convinced myself that my health would be better if I stopped. I keep reading that Diet Coke (either the carbonation or the caffeine, or both) can contribute to tummy issues (which I have), heartburn (have that, too), and can even keep you from losing weight because of the weird number it’s doing to your cells. Not sure how much of that is true, but since all these health issues are with me anyway, I’m willing to experiment.

So … I started by eliminating all but the first two of the day, because those are my caffeine source (and giving up caffeine is a separate matter, as far as I’m concerned)! 

Then I worked on minimizing those first two to wean myself off the caffeine: One day I did a glass and a half; one day a glass; then one-half a glass; then today I just took a sip to fool myself into thinking I had caffeine.

So I’m on my first official day with ZERO Diet Cokes. Wish me luck. … I’ll have to find a way to beat the incredible fatigue that hits me at 2:00, but first things first. …

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9 thoughts on “Giving up Diet Coke

  1. Well, how did you do? I hope you didn’t get a caffeine withdrawl headache. I used to be hooked on it like you and also quit. Mine was a more gradual thing and now will have an occasional one, but I don’t live on it anymore. I think the carbonation really can cause issues, one of which is bloating and no girl likes that!! Anyways, good luck!
    Oh, btw – what does Superman think about this? You two seem to have the perfect coke pouring/sharing routine down!

  2. I stopped drinking Diet Coke about 3 years ago… I was completely addicted to it – even drinking in the middle of the nite! I was the same as you, drinking it since high school. I stopped drinking it for all your same reasons, but I was worried I wouldn’t have the same energy, but I do. Wow, my personality wasn’t all in that little can – HAHA! Once I set my mind to it, it wasn’t that hard at all, but I did get terrible headaches. Once in a blue moon I will have one and it does taste, oh, so good, but I never want more than just that taste avery 6 months or so. I’ll be praying for you…

  3. Uh oh, should I be worried?!?!?
    It is funny because she is now, literally, asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.
    Debi, she and I still will pour the otherweater and she is still nice enough to pour me my Diet Coke in the mornings.

  4. Well, thanks, all! This really helps! I had no idea you all (successfully) gave up Diet Coke also! Holy cow. And saying that I’ll feel better after about a week helps, too. I only had a mild headache today — less than over the weekend — so I’m hoping the week continues to improve. But having the idea that after a week I’ll feel better is GREAT!

    As for the Diet Coke Marriage, yes … problematic. … But we usually pour each other water, too, at night, so that will probably continue. In the mornings it will just be “beverage of choice.” 🙂 So it will be the Beverage of Choice Marriage now. …

  5. Well, Day 3 is done.

    The headache kind of came and went, strangely, and I felt really irritable most of the day, but …. well … Day 3 is done!

    Onward. …

  6. Good Job – on to day 4!!! Don’t worry, if YOU know you are irritable, then everyone else is very aware and will understand! =)

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