3 for Thursday: 3 Things You Hated as a Kid That You Love Now

Three for Thursday is a new game I’m starting here for random Thursdays — But truly, it’s only fun if you all leave comments! So please join in  — I can’t wait to hear your lists. …

This week:  What are 3 things you hated as a kid that you love now?

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5 thoughts on “3 for Thursday: 3 Things You Hated as a Kid That You Love Now

  1. Well, this one is a little harder….
    1 – onions – I love them grilled!!
    2 – Documentary television – who wanted to learn when you were already in school. I love the history channel and natgeo and AE! Of course we didn’t have those channels back then! Heck I WAS the remote until I was 12 and we got a new color tv that had one!!
    3 -carrots – just learned to like them cooked.

    It is hard to think of things other than food, if the question were reversed I could come up with a bunch! There are a lot of things I loved to do as a kid that I am way to chicken and hate to do now now! Good one…

  2. 1. News broadcasts-TV, Radio, anything. I am now a news-junkie. I can listen to it or watch it all day. As a kid, I hated it on TV, mostly because there was a boring person reading it. We never had the news on the radio though.

    2. Vegetables, other than potatoes and corn. Those were the only two I liked when I was still living at home. I learned to love most green vegetables and carrots and cauliflower, brussels sprout, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms(veg?), and more. But I still don’t like beets and egg plant…..

    3. I really can’t think of a third thing, so I’ll add something I didn’t like then and still don’t like….Tuna from a can, sardines, and canned green peas. I had to eat them then and hated them and now more so. Oh!, and sourkraut, who can eat that?

  3. Well as a kid I hated anything that didn’t directly lead to ME having fun!
    But 3 things that have actually surprised me are:
    1: Baseball
    2: Golf
    3: Independent learning

    There are more but I will stick with the theme
    Of the game.

  4. To Chris:
    I do remember you hating baseball so much. But I also remember you being the fastest base runner they had seen, they kept checking each other’s stop watches to make they were operating correctly.
    On golf, I don’t remember you not liking it, you seemed to take to it when you and your brothers started taking up.

  5. These are great ones!!! I have to agree with all of you on a few things. I guess it’s hard to think of only three, but my best three are:

    – Mushrooms — Wouldn’t touch ’em with a 10-foot pole when I was a kid, but now I actually seek out dishes with mushrooms in them. (And, Debi, I’m with ya’ on the onions, too!)
    – History — Mostly I remember slogging through every history class I was forced to take. But now I love history, and usually seek out the histories of various areas/buildings/cities we visit.
    – Home-improvement stores — Ah, shopping for carpeting, vases, dishes, napkin rings, pillows, etc.: hated it then; love it now.

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