Writing Book 3!

Working hard every weekend now on Book 3, Fin and Giselle. I just need to finish the ending, which I’m really struggling with for some reason.

This was my inspiration for where Fin lives. It was a beach house we stayed at … um … five years ago, apparently (screams the obnoxious florescent timestamp), and it was just beautiful.

Nothing like waking up to the sound of the ocean. …

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7 thoughts on “Writing Book 3!

  1. Thanks, Debi! I’ve definitely got you on my list to ask for another beta read! I’m hoping May-ish? I’ve got a few more plot twists to iron out, then it should be ready for some feedback.

  2. Well, Crystal … since you asked. … End is not coming along very well. … 🙁 Still totally struggling with it. Trying to unravel internal conflict/external conflict … grrrrrrr ….

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