Wow, this is exciting! I just went over and visited one of my fave bloggers, Kwana, and she said it was her 2nd blogoversary; meanwhile, family/friend Jersey Girl just started a new blog called No Clue in Virginia; and my 1st blogoversary was officially yesterday! Christmas week must be a good time for starting blogs. (Maybe because you’re looking at all that technogizmo stuff, and you finally find yourself facing hours with nothing planned to do. Glorious.)

Anyway, I’m going to do the same thing Kwana did and celebrate my blogoversary by sharing with you my very first post. It was mostly a picture. I was stunned (as always) and thankful (as always) for the beautiful December weather here and the inspiring view of our lake. So I shared both in my first post:

A So. Cal Winter’s Day

But I didn’t write much! (I spent hours setting up the blog, but then I didn’t want to write anything, I remember. I wanted to go outside!)

So here’s the second post, where I first really wrote out my thoughts. And, interestingly, I wrote a sentiment that I could’ve written today: gratitude for a wonderful Christmas and the joy of my family: 

Post-Holiday Checklist

I hope you’re all enjoying this weekend after Christmas and spending some time relaxing with your loved ones. It’s great to just relax, no?

And congrats to my fellow new and ongoing bloggers! Anyone else starting a blog this week?

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3 thoughts on “Blogoversaries!

  1. Thanks, Kwana! I’m glad I’ve found you, too! I so enjoy your short, upbeat posts, and love the way you combine all elements of your life (writing, knitting, friends, family, parenting, and your adorable dog Jack) into your posts. Keep up the awesome work! I’m right behind you! (Well … a year behind you, anyway!) 🙂

  2. Happy Blogiversary Laurie (you too Kwana!). I can’t wait to see what this year holds – I am so happy I found you!! =)

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