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madmen_fullbodyI did a blog post the other day over at popculturedivas about my love for Mad Men. … And my absolute giddiness that the new season is about to start.

It’s one of my and Superman’s very favorite shows.

We love the clothes, the music, the furniture, the homes, the cars, and all the drama that comes from living in an era that was so on the brink of massive change. The show really portrays all those things so well.

My brother-in-law Dave and I usually e-mail back and forth frantically when the season begins – we compare notes and discuss our thoughts of how the characters’ arcs may be changing.

Do you love this show as much as I do?

Until the season begins, you can join me in making Mad Men avatars of yourself at MadMenYourself. I cracked up over mine, above — actually kinda looks like me! You can even create small head-shot ones and use them as your Twitter avatar! Have fun!

In the meantime, drop me a line and tell me if you enjoy this show — and what elements you specifically like? Is it Don Draper’s anti-heroism? Pete’s smarmy ways? Joan’s great clothes and jewelry? Sterling’s awesome suits? Is it Betty’s character arc? Or seeing sexism played out so blatantly in another era? Let me know — I’d love to hear your take!

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8 thoughts on “Mad About ‘Mad Men’

  1. I love love love this show. Love the film-noiresque-ness. Love the clothes and hair. The so subtle but biting dialogue. The ever-present cloud of smoke. Don Draper, the wife, the copywriter. The advertising perspective is so interesting for someone who used to work in an agency. Can’t get enough of it, and can’t wait for the new season to start!!!! Hurry up!

  2. Dang you, Mizwrite, now I will have to see if Fios Verizon as it On Demand so I can watch it. This show is always being recommended to me. I am just finishing up watching Dexter based on a recommendation. I was going to go the Big Bang Theory but maybe I will jump to Mad Men~!

  3. I love the show too Mizwrite, from the low camera angles to the period-perfect political incorrectness (and that drycleaning bag on Sally’s head!) to the storylines and character development. I used to work for someone who came from this era (and worked in an entertainment agency, not an ad agency) so the office sexism rings some bells…

  4. I love MadMen – just the tightly laced people who are so unhinghed underneath the suits and garters.

    And the mass amounts of drinking and smoking in the office.

    Lets not forget – Don Draper. yummy.

  5. Thanks for the shout out!

    You know, I was watching some old episodes of Mad Men on demand and something struck me about the show that I hadn’t really thought of previously. I think it is interesting the way the writers and directors have January Jones (Betty Draper) separated from the rest of the cast much the way Betty Draper is separated from the rest of Don’s life outside of the home. January Jones has so few scenes with the cast at Sterling Cooper. It’s a clever way of mimicking the real life situation housewives faced back in the 50s and 60s.

  6. Oh, I’m so happy to have so many fellow Mad Men fans to talk to!

    Grace — I didn’t know you loved MM! (If we still worked together, I imagine we’d be sitting together every Monday morning and discussing this ad nauseum, huh???) And yes! I love the advertising aspect, too. Since our news dept was set up like an ad agency (with a creative director, etc., and the constantly warring copywriters/artists), I love watching that aspect also.

    Kat — Yes! Do watch! I think you’ll love it. And how was Dexter, btw? Someone on Twitter recommended that to me, too. (Maybe same person???) I’ll bet we’ll see you back here as a MM fan soon!

  7. Anastasia — How fun for you to be able to compare notes with someone who worked at an ad agency during that era. My parents met in an office in 1962ish, and my mom was one of the secretaries in the “steno pool” in the center of the room much like they show there, so I like hearing their stories, too. And you’re so right about that drycleaning bag — one of the best scenes ever! (Along with the dr examining Peggy with a cigarette in his mouth!)

    December — How poetically put: “so unhinged underneath the suits and garters …” Love it. And yes, Don Draper, who is yummy while being a jerk, which makes for the most awesome anti-hero because you’re always warring about whether you like him or not.

    Dave — Hey! Welcome! I’m eager for us to compare notes on the first few episodes (remember we were worried last year b/c it started out so slow?) Yes, you’re right about Betty being physically removed from the normal “characters” of his day, and thus “removed” from an entire aspect of his life. But she doesn’t really know him at all, right? Since he’s a different identity. … The two main themes I see (and love) are “identity crisis” (spear-headed by Don/Dick, of course, but carried out by so many other characters) and “what do women want?” which is the question Don Draper posed at the beginning of the first show and seems to have marked the beginning of his growth. Love it!

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